Sunday, March 5, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views.......March 5 , 2017......Quick Hits For A Brisk March Sunday -1) Europe In Focus : France - Fillon's " Last Stand" Sunday Is Here ( While Juppe Waits In The Wings) , Macron Aide Claims Russia Interfering In French Election & The Expected Retort From RT Deriding Claim As "Fake News" , Le Pen To Appear On "Sixty Minutes " Today ; Netherlands - Recent Poll Shows VVD & PVV Still Neck And Neck , News Regarding Both Wilders & Rutte ; UK - Sunday Morning Talk Show Discussions , Brexit , Political Updates. 2) US Politics : Round Up Of Sunday Morning News & Items To Consider For The Week Ahead , Trump Tweets Of The Day , Additional Items Of Note ( Updated During Sunday. ) 3) Libya - Oil Crescent Battle Updates , GNA Gov't Meeting End In Moscow , Next Destination Appears To Be Cairo , Additional Items Of Note. 4) Iraq - Battle Of West Mosul & Tal Afar Updates , Additional Items Of Note.



Weekend - Europe politics: Merkel poll, Finnish Eurosceptic, France Fillion

Deutsche Bank to raise 8 billion euros, plans major reorganization

Deutsche Bank to raise capital, seeks to repair its balance sheet in wake of a €15bn legal bill incurred since 2012.


This seems likely - but of course let's wait and see.

Fillon refuses to withdraw.....

🔴 - 'No one can stop me' standing in French election, says Fillon

Embattled French candidate Fillon to appear on Sunday evening news: RTRS

This might explain why Fillon decided not to withdraw - pretty massive turnout at his rally today !

The Latest: French candidate Fillon defies pressure to quit

The is slowly filling in with supporters. The rally is scheduled to start in around 10 mins.

Pressure mounts on France's Fillon as party heavyweights look to Juppe

French conservative party chiefs to meet Monday over Fillon situation

France's Fillon does not say whether he will step down or not in rally speech

's speech a collection of platitudes. No new information on his corruption affair.


French Presidential Candidate Fillon Cancels Radio Appearance Amid Jobs Scandal

[FULL ENGLISH VERSION] Penelope Fillon : "I told François to go all the way"

1 hour ago
France: (LR-EPP) plummets to new record low: 17% (TNS poll),

Republicans Juppe, Sarkozy Spoke on Ending Fillon Crisis: AFP

Senior French centrist urges Fillon to step down for Juppe

Macron criticized as not being up to the task....

RT 's head comments on Macron's '' allegations

Is Russia interfering in the French election? One of Emmanuel Macron's aides claims so

Macron outlines plans for multi-speed Europe

Présidentielle : Marine Le Pen critique une éventuelle candidature Juppé...
Translated from French by 
Presidential: Marine Le Pen criticized a possible candidacy Juppé...

Markets are beginning to "price in" Marine Le Pen's victory. Here's what that means

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen will be interviewed on "60 minutes"tomorrow on CBS.

France's Le Pen loses ground in poll after state employee comments


Netherlands, poll: VVD-ALDE: 16% PVV-ENF: 16% ↓ CDA-EPP: 14% GL-GREEN: 11% D66-ALDE: 11% SP-LEFT: 8%...

Anti-Islam Dutch MP Wilders upbeat despite polls' slide

Dutch PM Mark Rutte warns of chaos if populist Geert Wilders wins the election

Dutch election 2017 odds: Will Geert Wilders win in the Netherlands?

Next test of rise of populism will be parliamentary election in the Netherlands on 15 March. All you need to know...


Hammond On Andrew Marr - Not Convinced of Big Brexit Bill

Hammond On Andrew Marr Show Discusses What If UK Doesn't Get EU Trade Deal ?

If first rule of rebuttal is not to repeat the charge, second is not to introduce the idea you've "never been caught" being a paedophile.

Brexit 'mood music' better, EU more pragmatic: Hammond

Battle-hardened in Britain, May prepares for Brexit talks

UK needs financial reserves in the tank for Brexit: Hammond

The OBR also revised up March deficit forecast for 2016/17 by £12bn in Autumns Statement. On Wednesday it will probably revise down by £12bn

In Nov. Autumn Statement OBR revised down its March 2.2% GDP growth forecast for 2017 to 1.4%. In Wed Budget it'll revise back to circa 2%.

US Politics....

Who was it that secretly said to Russian President, "Tell Vladimir that after the election I'll have more flexibility?"

Is it true the DNC would not allow the FBI access to check server or other equipment after learning it was hacked? Can that be possible?

"I spoke with (Trump) twice yesterday about the wiretap story. I haven't seen him this pissed off in a long time."

Trump ally says the president vows he'll be "proven right" on wiretap claim

A phrase I keep hearing from Trump ally after Trump ally: "deep state." Growing belief inside WH that elements of I.C. aligned against them.

Trump woke up in good spirits, per his confidants. Read the papers and watched early cable shows, liked that they covered his allegations.

But the weekend rage continued a few hours later. Stay tuned.

House intel chief: Committee will investigate possible surveillance of campaigns as part of Russia probe

Mr. Comey argued the highly charged claim is false & must be corrected, they said, but the department has not released any such statement.

Schumer: If Trump's wiretap claims are true, "it's even worse for the president"

Rubio says special prosecutor not yet necessary for probe into Russian election involvement

GOP lawmakers lead way in holding town halls

White House demands Congress investigate Trump’s wiretap claims

Former Bush attorney general says he believes there was surveillance on Trump Tower

Sunday morning talking heads - There are no Trump surrogates booked for this morning’s shows as I write this on...

Trump raises questions about Obama's ties with Russia in early morning tweet

Senate Intel committee Republican on Russia probe: "We're going to follow the facts wherever they lead us"

Trump expected to sign new executive order on travel ban on Monday

1 hour ago
White House asks Congress to probe whether Obama ordered wiretap, and if Obama abused executive powers in connection with 2016 election.

Trump seeks Congressional Inquiry , won't comment further on Trump wiretap claim....

1 hour ago
Report: White House counsel seeking access to Trump wiretapping warrant — if one exists

VIDEO | After campaigning on the promise to repeal Obamacare for more than 6 years, can the GOP pull it off?

Will Trump lead the GOP on health care action?

Trump reached across the aisle on a few issues in his speech | How did Democrats react?

Odds & Ends


Russia considers resumption of work on Libyan railway -

LNA denies ground clashes near Derna, but admits air strikes -

Interesting quote....

Amb: loses 186.3 million dollars after the Govt of nationalizes Uganda Telecom (Libya prev owned 69%)

1,300 migrants cross to Sicily from Libya over weekend, 1 fatality (Reuters)

denies any connection to the military escalation in 's oil crescent

Defense Brigades gunmen set up checkpoint west of Ras Lanuf.

State oil company (NOC) chairman condemns militia incursion into its Tripoli HQ. Urges end violence

UN position on oil ports battle remains - March 3 - call for no further escalation + protection civilians + oil facilities.

PFG of PC to take over oil ports. But PC had nothing to do with the attacks this weekend ?

All LNA units involved in the fights against SDB and allies published by LNA AF. Interesting, supplies of SDB come from Tripoli intel

Looks like BDB + other allied forces looking to exert its military supremacy....

Libya’s Oil Output Said to Drop to 650k from 700k B/D on Port Closures

Sirte Operation Room (LNA) started an offensive to take the SDB position in oil crescent. Intensification of the airstrikes in Ras Lanuf

1 hour ago
So pro Hafter/HoR Ops Room in western Libya announce they are ready to go to battle in reaction to BDB on oil crescent...


SDB published pics about the clashes of today. A tank, a fuel truck, armored / armed vehicles, weapons & munitions have been seized to LNA.

House of Representatives Spox: 73 MP's have announced boycott of a political dialogue.

1 hour ago
Boycotting members of the HoR to the Political Dialogue, protesting over the attacks against the oil terminals, have increased to reach 73

Interesting report from a LNA officer, Ajdabiya OP room, released earlier today saying that the troops have NOT entered in Ras Lanuf city.

Agree with this analysis. In this conflicting *oil war* some reports stated that reinforcements from west have arrived in Jufrah district.

Analyst Wolfgang Pusztai:Benghazi Def Brigades(BDB):If Hafter fails to retake oil crescent it could weaken Hafter in east

Analyst Wolfgang Pusztai:Benghazi Defence Brigades(BDB): If Hafter/LNA retakes oil crescent may preempt future strikes by taking Jufra area

Unconfirmed: If Zintanis are taking's very bad escalation & very bad news (I hope not - oil...

Analyst Wolfgang Pusztai:Benghazi Defence Brigades(BDB): the military action will worsen relations bw Hafter & Misrata, HoR & Serraj/PC/GNA

BDB issue victory infograph of war booty, casualties, deaths & POWs after occupying oil crescent..

Fog of war remains firmly in place re oil ports fight. Militias remain at, or close to, 2 key ports. Army counterattacking.

Libya closes biggest oil port after 2 days fighting (Bloomberg)

Fayez Serraj ends Moscow visit with an agreement for the return of Russian companies to

Sadek Ghiriani blesses attack by the Defense Brigades on the oil crescent.

Unity Govt FM Mohamed Siyala departs Moscow for Cairo.


Mosul, Death is our daily bread!

He and his daughter survived, but his Wife, other sons and daughters, parents, all are dead. Mosul

This is not a Hollywood's action movie, this is a car bomb detonated in Western Bank of Mosul Courtesy of

Update: Mosul Operation / West Bank
Green = Liberated Black = ISIL Control Red = active battles (clashes) 5/3/2017 – 12:00 PM

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces launch fresh push toward Mosul old city center

More than 200k people have been displaced by the Mosul conflict

Over 45,000 displaced by west Mosul fighting: IOM

: Iraqi armed forces are advancing towards the center of city, and areas in close proximity to governmental buildings.

Thousands of Iraqis stream out of Mosul as battle against ISIS intensifies

Interesting video on how ISIS gets its VBIED through defensive measures....

Our top stories today: Syrian pilot of downed plane found alive, Iraqi forces assault on resumes, Pentagon favours arming SDF.