Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views......February 14 , 2017.....Quick Hits For Valentines Day..... 1) Asia Economic Calendar For Wednesday And Market Moving Data & News - Updated As Relevant ; US Markets - US Major Indexes Have Another Day Of All Time Record Highs ( Broken Record Edition For US Stocks ) , Oil Private Inventory Data Shows Higher Than Expected Build ( Oil Modestly Higher On The Day ; Fed Speakers Today Featured Lockhart , Kaplan & Yellen ( Senate Testimony ) ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Politics - Flynn Pot Boiler Continues Even After Surprising Resignation & Russia - Trump Connections Lead Political News Today. 3) Europe In Focus - Key News & Data From /Touching Upon UK , France , ECB , Greece , Russia/ Ukraine , Spain & More. 4) Odds & Ends - North Korea Behind Shocking Assassination Of Kim Jong-nam In Malaysian Airport , Syria War Updates , Libya News De Jour.

Happy Valentines Day !!!!

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love ! Classic .....

Love is in the political and central banking air h/t

Sade..... No Ordinary Love

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Janet Yellen's Valentine or Yellen Cupid Sniper? and Draghi´s Valentine ?



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Economic calendar in Asia today (not much on it)

PBoC To Inject CNY 50 Bln Via 28 Day Reverse Repos

PBoC To Inject CNY 50 Bln Via 7 Day Reverse Repos -To Inject CNY 20 Bln Via 14 Day Reverse Repos

PBoC Fixes USDCNY Reference Rate At 6.8632 (prev fix 6.8806 prev close 6.8660)

Japan PM Abe says the US understood why Japan needs monetary easing

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Japan finance minister Aso wants to tell Mnuchin that can't call the yen weak now

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RBA's Heath: Outlook for global growth and inflation is a lot more positive

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RBA's Heath: Higher terms of trade mean upside risks to RBA forecasts for the Australian economy


US stocks end with new record gains (...again)

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S&P: All-Time High Dow: All-Time High Nasdaq: All-Time High MidCap 400: All-Time High Russell 2k: All-Time High NYSE: All-Time High

US crude oil futures settle at $53.20

OIL - private inventory data shows US crude stocks build bigger than expected

Trump currency policy change is more than it seems

Fed's Lockhart: I don't see a compelling reason for March hike

Fed's Lockhart: US economy well-poised for growth and moderate rate hikes

Kaplan: We should hike sooner rather than later

More from Kaplan: Would be wise to ease up on monetary policy gas pedal

Five key takeaways from Yellen's Senate testimony

Yellen: Can't say whether hike will come in March or June

Fed Yellen's Testimony: Market may re-price a March hike - CIBC

US Politics.....

( More At Twitter Timeline.)

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The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N.Korea etc?

-Retail industry -Benjamin Netanyahu -call w president of Argentina -legislative strategy session -dinner w Marco Rubio and wife


White House, briefing reporters ahead of Netanyahu visit, says goal for Israel-Palestinian talks is peace, not necessarily 2-state solution.

Let's see where this leads to....but anyone thinking there isn't going to be a serious investigation involving RUS-Trump ties is mistaken.

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While not clear what he said - FBI now adds that investigators "believed that Mr. Flynn was not entirely forthcoming, the officials said."

Unanswered questions for now...

Omarosa confronted April Ryan & said W.H had a collection of dossiers (on her and other journalists.)

Kellyanne's "own goal" comment becoming problematic...

Israeli TV said Bibi delegation shocked after Flynn and counterpart went over meeting, said "see you tomorrow" and then - boom

Looks like it's possible more shoes may fall from the sky involving NSC..

.: president was informed of this & he asked WH counsel to review if there was a legal issue, Flynn resignation "matter of trust"

.: "It was an evolving and eroding process" that happened between 4p and 8pm after said he was "confident" in Flynn

Is today February 14th or April 1st ? Spicer must had done some "spice" , before today's presser...

Add an additional complication , to the full plate of complications for the White House.

Various key GOP Senators are calling for an investigation into Trump-Russia connections & want Flynn's testimony.

JUST IN: Intelligence Committee won’t investigate Flynn, but will investigate leaks

Enemies of Chief of Staff Priebus bring out the sharp knives , emboldened by ouster of NSC Chief Flynn.

McCain wishes Flynn all the best in future endeavors. Miller & Bannon in spotlight now. DoD Head Mattis supported.

Harward seems to be getting a lot of attention today..


Tunisian PM Chahed to Angela Merkel: will not establish refugee camps.. solution must be reached w/

France, Ifop poll: Le Pen (FN-ENF): 26% Macron (EM-NI) 20% Fillon (LR-EPP): 19% ↑ Hamon (PS-S&D) 15% Mélenchon...

Despite what you're finding in Google, there's no specific jihadi threat against Spain today, says the government.

France: Candidate Fillon's spokesman under tax fraud probe: Conservative Francois Fillon's…

Fillon grapples with resistance to his candidacy within his own party

Hahaha ! Pigs will fly first before Moscow "returns" Crimea to Ukraine...

Greek Jan surplus reaches EUR 1 bn, ordinary budget net rev 4.041bn EUR (target 3.716bn)

Jan budget prim surplus at €1.01 bln, €342 mln above target. Budget deficit at €832 mln, €303 mln better than target (MoF)

Seemed clear that completing the review by February 20th , was a shot in the dark , from the dark side of the moon.


Not the time to pile additional austerity on Greece..

Weidmann rips Brussels: give "fiscal surveillance to an independent authority instead of the Commission".

1. Feisty speech by ECB's Weidmann. Lashes out at Trump/IMF for pushing "debt fueled gvt. spending" policies.

2. ECB's Weidmann admits political union in euro is a pipe dream

Fillon Says Dropping Out of Race Would Create Crisis: Figaro

EU's Moscovici- France Leaving Euro Would Be 'Suicide' - 14 Feb 17 | Gazunda

This poll is broadly in line with others showing about half of Remain voters are lukewarm about the EU/status quo.

Petition rejected to cancel Trump visit by UK Gov't...

Odds & Ends.....

North Korea....

Female assassins ‘used chemical spray’ to kill Kim Jong-un’s half-brother in Malaysia

UPDATE: U.S. strongly believes that North Korean agents carried out killing of Kim Jong Un's half brother - U.S. government source

Two North Koreans operatives allegedly pulled off an apparent hit using poison.....

Crazy morning news ( not confirmed ) Kim Jong - nam killed by one ( or two ) female assassins in Malaysia !


East CS .SAA take control Bijan,Tall Bijan,Mashrafat from .Turkish Army & FSA lost ~60% latest gains in SW Al Bab.

Turkish Euphrates Shield Operation at Al Bab needs SAA assistance. ..

Syria news: Rebels reveal misgivings over Astana talks, al-Bab controlled by rebels says TUR & UN's aid access plea.

Russian Defense Ministry plans to spend 4.45m rubles ($77k) on 20,000 medals for participants in its military campaign in Syria - Bloomberg

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels and Syria regime 'agree security line' in Al-Bab

Turkey backed FSA seems well underway in taking Al Bab from ISIS..


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pt *They [Haftar, Sarraj, Saleh] agreed* in the meeting in Cairo for parliamentary and presidential elections latest in February 2018.

Statement regarding the meeting in Cairo *to resolve* the Libyan conflicts. Haftar refused to meet Sarraj during these two days.

Al Qaeda becoming a regional concern , apart from ISIS...

In today's Times...

Rival Libya factions to discuss settlement in Cairo

GNA spox tells Serraj's meeting w/ Hiftar in Cairo 'could' lead to a '180-degree turn' & hopes Egypt will 'bridge the gap'

: Khalifa Haftar refused to hold meeting with Fayez Serraj in Cairo on Tuesday.

Wow , more money 💰!

Italian Amb Giuseppe Perrone denies accusations of HoR member Zagaid to It of being behind helicopter downing, saying accusations are crazy

No cairo meeting between Serraj and Haftar. Serraj has now flown home.


White House press briefing starts off on sanctions against Venezuela's vice president for int'l drug trafficking, a story Bloomberg broke.

Venezuelan VP hits back at US for labelling him a drug trafficker and imposing sanctions on him

Venezuelan vice president calls US sanctions an 'attack'

Police: Naked man on drugs broke into NBC's D.C. newsroom and bit an employee