Sunday, February 5, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views...... February 5 , 2017...... Quick Hits For Sunday -1) Super Bowl Sunday - Some Items Ahead Of The Game To Consider. 2) Markets : Doug Noland Weekly Commentary , Data Set , News Items For The Week That Was ; Middle East Stock Indexes Round Up ; Global Stocks & Bonds Post Strong Gains Last Week. 3) US Politics Round Up For Sunday : Ninth Circuit Appellate Panel Denies DOJ Request For Emergency Stay Of Judge Robart's TRO & Related Travel Ban Items ; Trump & DC Round Up Of News ; The Week's Best Editorial Cartoons. 4) Europe - Greece & France In Focus For Sunday. 5) Odds & Ends - Syria , Libya & Iraq In Focus !

Super Bowl Tidbits.....

Aesthetic: The deep ball - goes in on the beauty of both Brady's and Ryan's game.

Every stat you need to know for Super Bowl LI

Every stat you need to know for Super Bowl LI

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show 2017 Prop Odds and Predictions

In 1967, the cost of a 30-second spot during Super Bowl I stood at around $42,000 A 30-second spot in 2017? $5.5 million

1 hour ago
WATCH: Plenty of 'Blank Space' on Taylor Swift's schedule as her pre-Super Bowl show will be only 2017 performance

Will a politically charged atmosphere overshadow Super Bowl LI?

Congratulations to Eli Manning and , both have been named 2016 Walter Payton Man of the Year!

A financial breakdown of the two Super Bowl participants via .

Markets ......

Venezuelan Authorities Destroy Bitcoin Mining Center As Crackdown Continues

Good morning, back from Berlin. Global stocks have gained $309bn in market cap this week on kind of Trump fatigue.

Global bonds have gained $100bn in value this week as German bunds rally while peripheral bonds sell-off and US Treasury unchg.

US Politics.....

President Trump “has some meetings and may play a few holes of golf” today, White House aide says (Quick reminder of previous Trump tweets)


The U.S. Court of Appeals ( 9th Circuit ) denied the DOJ's request for an emergency stay of nationwide TRO of Judge Robart.

JUST IN: Pence breaks with Trump: Judge has authority to halt immigration ban

. Pence tells me Trump admin is using "all legal means" to challenge judge’s travel ban halt, but will comply with order as they appeal.

McConnell: Congress unlikely to step in if courts throw out Trump travel ban

“We’ll do better”: Trump’s White House tries to gain a sense of order amid missteps

Trust records show Trump is still closely tied to his empire

Can the government rein in disruption and riots hiding under the guise of “protests?”

Paul Ryan: Obama’s Iran deal is likely to remain in place

Top political cartoons of the week are here |

VIDEO | The newly confirmed secretary of state addressed his department for the first time this week:

Democrats are ready to put up a fight:



Controversial Trump’s EU candidate Ted Malloch shocks Greeks

Debt and Investments the Focus of PM’s Visit to Paris, Gov’t Sources Say

Farmers Block National Highway at Tempi for Two Hours in ‘Symbolic Protest’

Bailout Cuts in Greece Course Sharp Decline in Teachers on Staff in Secondary Schools

Court to Decide on Tuesday Whether to Freeze DOL Media Group’s Assets

Dangerous times


Campaign against Macron unbelievably nasty, colored with blatant anti-Semitic overtones

France's Le Pen and Macron rally supporters for presidential campaigns

targets : "Some today pretend to talk in the name of the people, but they are just ventriloquists"

France's scandal-hit Fillon faces new calls to quit presidential race

Another poll puts Le Pen-Macron as run off in 2nd round in May. Hamon support lifted by primary win, Fillon suffering big electoral damage

After a bad week for Fillon, here's how to read France's presidential election polling

If withdrew to endorse , the latter could defeat fascism (Le Pen) and neoliberalism (Macron & Fillon)

Odds & Ends.....


"US-military failed to disclose thousands of lethal airstrikes conducted in Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan" cc

NEW MAP: forces liberated village, located just 4 kilometers SE of stronghold .

Third Phase: New gains for NW of . , & liberated fr ( yesterday)

is happy to see the Syrian Army () and its allies advancing toward al-Bab and for it to fight in the city.


About 6 Grad missiles & tank shells fired from the Warshefana side hit Janzour. some fell on civilian houses.

Surreal: The UN's puppet Libyan PM Sarraj, appointed by a corrupt Spaniard, signed a deal last week with to build big camps in

Its bridge 17 again...but GRAD rockets are flying all around reaching near Regata

Clashes near Zawya rafinery...

Things heating up again for n West of , Janzour / Wershafana

Malta says reports flights about to start between Libya and Malta false. EU flight ban continues.

Calm restored in Janzour after elders from multiple cities discussed &reached an agreement. Red Cross came to collect bodies

and FM's discuss crisis during meeting in Abu Dhabi

's Deputy FM meets with Aref Nayed in Abu Dhabi.

calls for direct dialogue between Pres. Council and Khalifa Haftar.

Residents begin return to 's Garyounis area after 2 years of clashes.


Releases Pictures Shows Using Drone To Drop Bomb On Vehicle In Al-Zira'i District In Eastern .

Mosul blogger tells of residents in sacrificing their own food stocks to feed starving zoo animals

: IS fighters are boring holes into homes in w. to move undetected ahead of planned Iraqi offensive there - via

: To add insult to injury: "They're forcing residents to pay 7,000 dinars ($5) to workers who just destroyed their homes." --Abu Asaad

: IS fighters are boring holes into homes in w. to move undetected ahead of planned Iraqi offensive there - via