Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views...... January 11 , 2017 -1) Markets: Asia Calendar For Thursday , Data And Market Moving News ; US Stocks - Dow , Nasdaq & S&P All End Green Today , Oil Has A Strong Day - Data Of Note , Ten Year US Bond Has Strong Auction , FX Volatility Due To Trump Presser , Gold Up10 Bucks , Close to 1200 Again. 2) US Politics - Feisty Press Conference By PEOTUS , Trump Report ( Touted By CNN & Buzz Feed ) Seems Sketchy , Most Major Media Outlets Backed Off Running With Story Due To Inability To Corroborate. 3) Europe In Focus - News Of The Day To Consider. 4) Odds & Ends.



Economic data due from Asia today

Why is LME Nickel suddenly plunging >3% from day high 10,350?

China Dec New Loans 1.04 trln RMB much higher than expected (Nov 794.6 bln) M2 +11.3% which is lower than expected 12% (Nov 11.4%)

Japan BoP Current Account Balance (JPY) (Nov): 1415.5bn (est 1460.0bn, prev 1719.9bn)

Japan BoP Current Account Adjusted (JPY) (Nov): 1799.6bn (est 1870.4bn, prev 1928.9bn)

Japan Trade Balance BoP Basis (JPY) (Nov): 313.4bn (est 254.4bn, prev 587.6bn

Japan press: BOJ may find it harder to steer interest rates once Trump takes office

PBOC sets USD/CNY central rate at 6.9141 (vs. yesterday at 6.9235)

To "Prevent Public Panic", Beijing Orders Banks To Keep Capital Outflow Curbs Secret

China has also ordered banks not to publish negative research about the yuan

NZ data - ANZ 'Truckometer' for December: -0.1% m/m (prior +4.0%)

Japan Inc. moves toward minimum rest periods for workers --Nikkei

Foreigners keep chasing Japanese futures --Nikkei

US said to prepare WTO complaint against China over aluminium --BBG

Bitcoin prices tanked after Chinese authorities said they would begin investigating local bitcoin businesses


Stocks tumble into the red then rebound during Trump's press conference

S&P and Nasdaq close near highs. Nasdaq close is a record.

EURUSD moves back above 1.0600 area after 10 year auction

...and that's why we watch bond auctions. USD/JPY falls to four-week low as yields drop after strong auction

US $20bln 10yr Reopening: Cover: 2.58 (prev. 2.39) Yield: 2.342% (prev. 2.485%, WI 2.360%)

FX on the move during Trump presser, USD weakens due to conspicuous lack of comment re. fiscal stimulus, down 100pips from high

U.S. crude futures settle at $52.25/bbl.⬆$1.43. +2.81%. _G7 volume: ~710k

Nice rally in despite bearish weekly data. WTI up 3.5% to $52.60 and Brent is up 3.5% to $55.51 a barrel

: US crude exports (weekly data) jumps to record high of 727,000 b/d. US exporting more than member Qatar


Gold closes in on $1200 in flight to safety

US Politics.....

Odd this guy was never contacted by any Agencies or Authorities & he denies the allegations totally. Fwiw

Even The NYT Is Slamming Buzzfeed For Publishing ‘Unsubstantiated’ Rumors About Trump

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski slams Buzzfeed, CNN "bias" over Russia report: "There’s no story here"

So , it appears Trump was not informed about the unverified and unsubstantiated dossier , after all.

House Repubs remain shy of enough votes to pass a budget bill intended to be a step toward repeal of Obamacare - say party vote-counters.

Rand Paul tells me he's encouraged by talk of concurrent repeal/replace. "There's a movement toward doing a replacement on the same day."

Trump: "There will be a major border tax on these companies that are leaving and getting away with murder."

Trump's press secretary threatened to throw CNN reporter out of Trump presser

Here are the highlights of Trump's 1st press conference in about six months:

CNN's reports Trump spokesman told him he'll be kicked out of future press confs if he presses hard for ques again

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer after news conference confronted , angrily pointing finger as he spoke.

Trump will step down from all positions in Trump Organization, but will NOT divest ownership in company, his lawyer said on conference call.

Trump's 500+ companies will be in trust overseen by independent ethics officer, and managed by Don Jr., Eric, CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Fred Fielding, who served Reagan & George W Bush and was on George HW Bush’s commission on federal ethics reform, has approved Trump's plan.

BREAKING: President-elect Donald Trump says he picks VA undersecretary David Shulkin to lead Department of Veterans Affairs.

FBI Reportedly Sought FISA Court Warrant To Spy On Trump Campaign Officials

Trump transition team abruptly cancels Mattis appearance before House panel via

Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson starts confirmation battle

Tillerson: Exxon never lobbied against sanctions “to my knowledge.” Exxon: We lobbied on sanctions in Q2 2016.

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s pick to be secretary of state, says he never personally lobbied against sanctions at Exxon.


Six indicted as VW pleads guilty to US criminal charges, pays US$4.3bn in 'dieselgate'

Presidential hopeful Fillon says France needs immigration quotas

Bottom line: Italian government needs to choose between this referendum or an early election this year.

’s 10y risk spread over Germany drops as Italy Constitutional Court rejects union request for referendum on ex-PM Renzi’s labor reform

The last step before new Elections might be called in Italy is the Constitution Court ruling ( today ) on Renzi's Labor Market Reform.

Prosecutor objects to extradition of another two Turkish officers

Senior Eurogroup source on upcoming Greek review negotiations: "The message to the Greeks will be clear: stick to the plan and the rules."

Sterling falls to fresh 10 week low of $1.2094.

Not a surprise - Russia responds to the fake news dossier as complete rubbish...

ICYMI, a brother-sister pair were detained in Rome on suspicion of conducting a long-running hacking campaign. But the motive remains murky.

13 hours ago
Another point of interest. Italian police say the FBI was able to help unmask the pair despite their use of Tor. FBI won't say how.

Freemasons were among the spying campaign's targets. A folder called "Bros" was created to hold their data.

This story, on how two siblings hacked Italy's elite, is extraordinary and bizarre. Thread:

Odds & Ends....


Protestors continue to burn tyres on streets of Gout Shaal as power outages worsen with 12+ hours power cut.

Unity Govt Defense Minister Mahdi al-Barghathi meets with 's military attache to in

gives final warning for the power cuts till tomorrow .

GNA forms committee to review, prioritize stalled projects within 10 days - for 11 sectors -

Extent of power cuts detailed -south libya power cut for three days !

NOC blasts as criminal acts , shutdown of gas pipeline, which is an action causing dire consequences.

Breaking: Attack on the water storage facility in that feeds with the attackers used to break it.


How Tillerson Could Jeopardize Geopolitics In Iraq -

Hobby drones used by ISIS as a makeshift airforce. ..

Iraq forces have retaken 80% of east Mosul: spokesman


Aircraft purportedly belonging to US-led Coalition targeted JFS/Nusra militants on road near Saraqib, Idlib

Among those killed were 2 JFS commanders; Abo Anas al-Masri & Abo 'Ikrimah al-Tunsi