Thursday, December 1, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views......December 1 , 2016..... Quick Hits For Thursday & Friday Morning - Asia 1) Asian Economic Data & Markets Moving News. US Markets - Dow Up , Nasdaq & S&P Down On Thursday , Oil Continues Post Opec Summit Deal Rally , US Treasury & Global Bond Rout Continue , Additional Items Of Note. 3) US Politics : Recount News For Michigan , Wisconsin & Pennsylvania ; Transition Related Items. 4) Europe In Focus - Key News From Germany , Italy , France & Greece To Consider. 5) Odds & Ends !


Asian Economic Outlook , Data & Markets - Updated As Relevant

South Korean Opposition Agree To Propose Motion To Impeach Pres Park, Vote On Motion Will Be Next Friday - Yonhap

PBOC sets USD/CNY mid-point today at 6.8794 (vs. yesterday at 6.8958)

More Japan press on GDP: Q3 likely +2.2%

Economic data due from Asia today (opposite day)

US Markets.....

US stocks mixed. S&P and Nasdaq down. Dow up.

U.S. crude futures settle at $51.06/bbl.⬆$1.62. +3.28%. _F7

| minister al-Luaibi: will maybe attend meeting in Doha on Dec 9. BBG.

non- | cuts & declines tally 591kbd. 345kbd cut between & . 246kbd planned decline from & . BBG.

US Treasury - Bond spread ay highest point since fall of Berlin Wall...


Bond rout continues...

US Politics.....

The Trump campaign has filed a complaint with the -- halting the recount until the state board can meet again tomorrow.

Trump lawyers: "There is no reason to rewrite Michigan election law to accommodate the conspiracy-minded requests of an acknowledged loser."

Wisconsin Clerks Begin Presidential Recount Requested by Stein - Wall Street Journal

US|'We're Going to Get This Done': Wisconsin Vote Recount Is Underway - New York Times

Jill Stein said Wisconsin uses 'outlawed' voting machines. Nope. Pants on Fire.

Pennsylvania court sets hearing date for Jill Stein recount petition

Secretary of Defense named - General James Mattis pick getting favorable reviews so far !

No decision has been made yet with regard to Secretary of Defense.

workers sharing relief after PEOTUS announcement. "I feel good. I'm able to provide for my family."


Report: Carrier getting $7 million in tax breaks to keep 800 jobs in Indiana

NEW: Carrier releases statement on decision to retain jobs and operations in Indianapolis

Putin says he’s ready to work with Trump’s administration on an equal basis, urges joint effort to fight terrorism


Hollande likely to announce his decision whether to run at 8pm Paris time.

Seaman strike update...

Italy's Padoan warns a 'no' vote may make it more difficult to recapitalise Italian banks

Security gap exposed in Germany..

Capital flight Italy style? Do the Italians exchange their euro into Bitcoin ahead of referendum in order to shield from possible ?

gov't spokesman makes it clear Athens doesn't expect debt relief & post-2018 fiscal targets to be settled at Monday's Eurogroup

Protests on Lesvos, Lemnos, Samos, Chios Against Government’s Plan to Scrap Special VAT Discount for Aegean…

Greece Cancels DESFA Stake Sale to Azerbaijan’s Socar

ESM Proposal for Greek Debt Cut in the Long Term

Odds & Ends ....

Libya gets a fourth would-be government?

HoR calls on armed groups to leave Tripoli, Ageila Saleh appeals for elders of Western Region to intervene

Breaking:fighting edging closer to matiga airport last operational airport in

Breaking:2 Libyan airline planes have left Matiga airport to an known destination most likely misratah for safety reasons.

Breaking:fighting still fierce around rixsos hotel with GNA backed militias advancing into Alnaser forest around complex.

Breaking:9 confirmed killed at fighting around rixsos hotel casualties belong to Ghinwa Alkkla militia.

Breaking:unconfirmed revolutionary brigade & deterrent special forces take over Libyan central bank in a new escalation.

EU report: Libyan coastal cities making $346M a year from smuggling; ready to move into

Fighting continues to spread Tripoli

There seem to be three seats of fighting in Tripoli now: Rixos/Abu Salem + Raddison + old airport/airport road.

Angry protesters confine to airport on trip to Tobruk this week. Same as reaction to corrupt Leon

Shops in AbuSalim area closed due ongoing clashes in , Snipers can be seen on rooftops

Tanks can still be seen on the streets of mainly near Bab Benghasheer & AbuSalim. Multiple road blocks

Pocket Map UPDATED & Allies retreated from electrical station to the south of highway HD:

Part one - Mosul Eye ...

Interesting read - part two from Mosul Eye.