Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... December 7 , 2016......Quick Hits For Thursday 1) Markets & Market Moving News : Asia - Economic Data Due For Thursday , News & Key Reports ; US & Europe Stocks Blast Off Today ; Crude Oil Updates , DOE Report Huge Cushing Build & Distillates And Gasoline Also Show Large Builds ; Additional News Of Note. 2) Europe In Focus : Italy Political Turmoil Weighs On Sovereign Rating ( Moody's Changes Outlook From Stable To Negative ) , Monte Paschi Rescue In Doubt ; UK- Exit From EU Updates ; France Presidential Politics Update & French Odds & Ends ; Greece Updates De Jour ; ECB On Deck For Thursday. 3) US Politics : Trump Transition ; Recount Items De Jour : Political Odds & Ends. 4 ) MENA - Iraq ( Mosul Eye Link ) , Libya ( Oil Crescent Attack Today ) & Syria ( E Aleppo In Focus. 5) India Demonetization Updates.


Asia - Thursday....

Economic data due from Asia today - China trade balance (and more)

[BREAKING] Japanese GDP (QoQ) Q3 F: 0.3% (est 0.5%, prev 0.5%) Japanese GDP Annualised (QoQ) Q3 F: 1.3% (est 2.3%, prev 2.2%)


Asian opens higher following positive US lead where equities posted biggest gains since US presidential election; ASX posts 3-month highs

Impeachment update..

Japan lifts Tepco's credit line to 14tn yen

Japanese firms warn of global trade contraction under Trump presidency

Murmurs that China to tighten rules on European firms repatriating profits

US & Europe Markets

Buy The F**king Record Highs - Stocks Melt-Up Most Since Trump

Ding. Ding. Ding. S&P and Dow indices close at record highs

Another super day in the life of European stocks

WTI futures settle $1.16 lower (-2.3%) @ $49.77 per barrel

Crude Tumbles Below $50 After Biggest Cushing Build Since 2008

DoE Cushing OK Crude Inventory Change (WoW) 07-Dec: 3.783M (est 0.256M; prev 2.419M)

DoE US Distillate Inventory Change (WoW) 07-Dec: 2.501M (est 2.000M; prev 4.957M)

US DoE Crude Oil Inventory Change (WoW) 07-Dec: -2.389M (est -1.500M; prev -0.884M)

DoE US Gasoline Inventory Change (WoW) 07-Dec: 3.425M (est 1.600M; prev 2.097M)


DoE US Refinery Utilization (WoW) 07-Dec: 0.60% (est 1.00%; prev -1.00%)

Crazy! Govt bonds rally even as US stocks soar amid mounting speculation will extend its asset-buying program.

Europe In Focus.....

Moody's changes outlook on Italy's Baa2 issuer rating to negative; affirms rating

Monte dei Paschi asks to extend rescue deal deadline to Jan20, RTRS reports citing source.

No request made for ESM loan , so far.

Renzi: New election can only be held after Jan ruling


Head of Portuguese fiscal council says the country needs debt restructuring (via )

And let's see whether Schauble agrees with "the rules" not being followed , when the country isn't Greece....

They will need more than 15bn , if this is true....

Never believe something until it's officially denied , they say.....

Brexit news: UK lawmakers back government timetable to trigger EUs article 50

BREAKING: Tata steel - the headlines

Brexit's Davies expects parliament will have a vote on final EU deal

Le Pen says she would call a referendum on EU membership and the euro, were she elected President

French banks are going to hike their charges once again

Power has been restored at Gare du Nord, services to start again progressively

Primary surplus for 2016 close to 2 pct

Liability exemption for debt-sorting officials

German FinMin Spokeswoman: Clear That We Won’t Have A Decision On IMF Involvement In Greek Bailout This Year - RTRS

Goldman expects ECB to deliver dovish message at Thur's meeting by extending APP until Dec2017 at curr pace of €80bn as real rates has risen

Frontrunning: December 7

US Politics....

FMW note :

On Wisconsin Recount (Day 7 cumulative results) With 65.89% of precincts having completed their work-HRC has picked up a net 82 votes.

Breaking: Federal judge lifts order, MI recount to end - The chaos in Michigan continues this evening, as does ...

Judge Mark Goldsmith , sided with a state appeals court Wednesday in halting the effort, ABC News reported.

Federal judge halts controversial presidential election recount in Michigan. But an appeal is likely. So story is: STOP COUNTING, for now

in limbo. Full panel of 6th Circuit Appeals won't hear the case. So presidential recount decision stands, for now

Fwiw , w/23 of 72 counties having finished their recounts -HRC has lost 41 votes ,Trump has gained 105 votes.

Judge Goldsmith will issue a written opinion on whether to let Michigan presidential election recount continue, or end. Stay tuned.

Colorado responds to faithless-elector suit: “Odious,” “evil”

Current Cabinet selections...

No final decision has been made , but Major Garrett of CBS News places Romney ahead of Petraeus and Giuliani.

EPA head selected...

Spokesman says Trump will meet for 2nd time with , "very talented man with a very strong background." Pudzer = possible labor sec

It's official: Trump has tapped Iowa Gov. as ambassador to China, per spokesman Jason Miller on press call. Statement later.

General John Kelly selected to head DHS.

WaPo gives a lame excuse for publishing an article without apparel engaging in due diligence. .

Lol ! Fake news hit job -WaPo admits might be fake news itself !!!

Trump says the US will avoid getting involved in foreign wars

Investigation into US air strikes shows "irregularities" may actually be deliberate targeting of Syrian forces

Foxconn also may add jobs in US...interesting !

Clinton throws thank you party for her rich patrons. Tone deaf response by HRC.

Trump Re: Boeing: We Are Going To Work It Out, If Price Doesn't Fall We Won't Order Planes

VP Biden, on if he'll run for POTUS in 2020: "Trump will be 74, I'll be 77 and in better shape"

Ellison candidacy as DNC Head gets panned by Alan Dershowitz. ..

JUST IN: Ellison says he will resign from House if elected DNC chair

Iraq , Libya & Syria.....

( Much More At Twitter Timeline )

Dec. 6th, 2016 How do the stranded Mosulis live inside Mosul now? Find out more here: (1) of (8)

The gather of the congressmen of Misrata disowns and condemns the today's attack against the oil terminals.

Today in : Forces under Barghathi (Sarraj MOD) & Jadran (ousted GNA PFG oil gangster) were repelled at Sidra and crushed at Bin Jawad

FYI: UN's PC made a deal w/Oil Crescent gangster Jadran. Army ousted him. Oil production went up. But Jadran/Barghathi keep attacking

The statement by operation to liberate & secure oil ports mentions Resolution No 43/2016 by PC-mandated MoD. Later PC disown the attack !.

Maybe the GNA/PC should remove Barghathi from his post , if he truly has gone "rogue."

Barghathi, Ismail Sallabi, Jadran, various anti-Haftar army officers from the East were preparing this for months. Open secret.

Civilians increasingly cornered today amid ongoing rebel losses in east as "stranglehold getting tighter."

NEW MAP: + allies secured approx. 85% of formerly militant held areas. Full capture is prob. a matter of days.

Moscow Will Offer a Safe Exit From Aleppo to Militants and Civilians via

Rebels in Aleppo have called for a ceasefire with Syrian army but given no indication they're ready to withdraw:


India's Composite PMI crashed as demonization struck the economy of India like a high speed train.

Look like India did have a plan to grab citizens gold after all...