Sunday, November 27, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views....... November 27 , 2016...... Quick Hits For Sunday - 1) France - Second Round For Centre- Right Runoff Contest , Fillon Seems Set To Top Juppe. 2) Greece - Domestic Politics , Refugee Crisis Updates , Creditor Talks In Focus. 3) Italy In Focus - Renzi Trapped In Referendum Mouse Trap Of His Own Making. 4) Turkey - Ongoing Purge Updates , Iraq & Syria War Update - Turkey Angle ( H/T Elijah Magnier for Special Insight On Syria ) , Erdogan Moving Toward Consolidating Power As Parliament Prepares New Constitutional Draft Giving Broad Powers To The President , Additional Items Of Note. 5) Libya Updates For Sunday. 6) South Korea Protests Continue - Largest Protest Since 1987. 7) Odds & Ends


France, Odoxa poll Fillon (LR-EPP) 32% Le Pen (FN-ENF) 22% Macron (EM-NI) 13% Mélenchon (FG-LEFT) 12% Hollande (PS-S&D) 8%

France, Harris poll: Fillon (LR-EPP): 26% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 24% Macron (EM-NI): 14% Mélenchon (FG-LEFT): 13%


Alain Juppe concedes defeat in French Republican primary race as Francois Fillon wins by wide margin

Résultats partiels: 🔸François Fillon : 67,8% 🔹Alain Juppé : 32,2%

RT : Turnout at French Republican primary up 4.5% on last week by 5pm.Polls close at 7pm Paris time; results expected after 8pm

Turnout > , but not enough for Juppe , it appears...

Fillon favoured to beat Juppe in Conservative runoff. Best hope to beat Le Pen?

Fillon got 44% last Sunday (was polling 24%, exit polls 30%). Has had 61-65% in the [few] primary run-off polls: 20+ point lead on Juppe

Translated from Italian by 
Plus de , today perhaps in the Presidency is at stake. We present the challengers, and :

Second round primary elections vs Read more.

Fillon, Juppe vote in French runoff


29 Migrants and Refugees Rescued; Two Traffickers Arrested

Greek Gov’t in Search of Plan to Transfer Migrants if EU-Turkey Deal Fails

Greece-Creditors Technical Teams Unable to Reach Agreement

ESM President: Greek Economy Stagnant Again, No Need for Debt Cut

Cornered government could seek early elections

Ex-ministers set to spearhead effort for revival of center-left

Athens keeps low profile in face of Erdogan rhetoric

Government out to appease locals over migrants


If at first you don't succeed at fear mongering - try , try , try again...

The Italian situation summarized in four parts


Renzi faces pressure to stay in office as Italy referendum defeat looms

Just published: front page of the Financial Times UK edition Monday November 28

Will a failed Referendum vote , open the door to not just a new Italian gov't , but also the exit from the EZ and Euro ?

Austria could elect the EU's first far-right head of state & Italy's referendum loss could bring down the govt & empower populist radicals

Juncker endorses Renzi's reform plans a week before Italy's crucial referendum

Cut off and exposed

Turkey ......

Current situation west of , , . and allies are moving in to block any further progress by

Decoding the signals in the complicated relationships in northern Syria - excellent missive from Elijah Magnier....

Turkey’s new constitutional draft gives broad authority to president

Turkish financial crimes unit probes 30,000 suspected of Gülen links

‘Know your limits,’ Erdoğan tells European Parliament

Turkey expects “positive steps” from Donald Trump - key eyes on how News Admin deals w/ Gulen extradition and US Support of PYD in N Syria.

Kılıçdaroğlu to EU: Don’t punish 80 million people

Rouhani urges Iran-Turkey joint efforts in Iraq, Syria

EU has already accepted the fact that Turkey is an authoritarian country and is ready to deal with it.

W jailing of academics this continues tragic purge of the Turkish intelligentsia. Meanwhile Trump's concern is his Istanbul property

Turkish authorities detain VOA & BBC reporters, adding to 145 journalists already in jails in Turkey -world's largest prison for journalists


Hafter starts formal visit to Moscow

Meanwhile, some residents gathered on Algeria Square to protest against lack of security and economic hardship

Students at Tripoli University organize sit-in and close faculty in protest against deteriorating living conditions

A photo taken of downtown Sebha this afternoon. Life has yet to get back to normal. Streets still empty.

today, main roads are quite empty, number of shops are closed & some streets blocked with burning tyres

Protestors at Algeria square in protesting against the current living condition as part of the civil disobedience

In ,"an uprising and civil disobedience protests" in due to deteriorating of economic situation. Announced few days ago.

General strike set for tomorrow to protest against liquidity crises & Dollar rate. High way in is blocked with burning tyres

US envoy backs proposed presidential guard, which would be first security unit commanded by UN-backed GNA government.

5 Eu ambassadors affirm support for UN-backed government.

Tripoli activists call on residents to join strike over protest over living conditions -

This seems to be a conflict that was inevitable for Tripoli...and GNA / PC is powerless to stop it.

South Korea......

Korean-Americans held protest rallies in DC. NYC & LA to demand South Korean President Park Geun-hye resign over a corruption scandal.

Hundred of tho#usands protest in south korea against president park for fifth week

Largest protests since 1987....

Odds & Ends.....

Saakashvili- Early elections are necessary due to Ukraine’s pervasive corruption, a lack of trust in the political elite and economic stagnation.

Modi- "We can gradually move from a less-cash society to a cashless society." Reality- 90 % of consumer transaction are cash transactions.

Why is China’s central bank has devalued the yuan like there’s no tomorrow!? → via

Urgent relief request 2 the international community

Iraqi forces are still caught reclearing same areas again & again in east Mosul w/IS infiltrations

250,000 figure estimated for civilians seems quite high - 2/5 of E Aleppo taken by SAA , 3,000 civilians found so far.

Earlier reports of rebel forces falling apart seem to be valid , as additional reporting reflects same story.

Seems rebel defenses are cracking in East Aleppo....


this is it, lads! Endgame...

Pointless recount hasn't even failed yet , next straw man already being propped up....

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) on Sunday said he doesn't support the Hillary Clinton campaign's participation in the recount effort in Wisconsin.

Obama once again says no evidence of hacking and the election vote reflects will of American people.

Fwiw ....examination of the mysterious & anonymous group called PropOrNot....

Mathew Ingram debunks Russia hacking meme.....

This is remarkable. Conway isn't just going after Romney's past anti-Trump stance. She is also wondering whether he is qualified to be SOS.

For those that may not want Romney as Secretary of State , these public maneuvers just could backfire and push Trump to show who's the Boss.

Kellyanne Blasts Mitt: Trump Supporters "Feel Betrayed By Governor Romney"

business: Trump, Obama have been ‘talking regularly’ since election

Donald Trump will undo Cuba deal absent major changes, Reince Priebus says

Parliament has passed a contentious new snooping law that gives authorities powers to look at internet browsing records of everyone in UK.

Safaa al-Hashem is the only woman to successfully win a seat in parliament

Danish PM adds two parties to government to steady support

Brazil's Temer vows to block amnesty for election crimes