Thursday, November 17, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views........ November 17 , 2016...... Quick Hits For Thursday 1) Markets & Market Moving News : Asia Economic Calendar For Friday , Data & News ; US Markets - US Stocks Rebound , Gold Drops , Bonds Sell Off , Oil Off Moderately ; Banco de Mexico Raises Rates 50 bps ; No Shocks From Yellen Testimony Before Congress Leaves Europe Stock Indexes In The Green ; Yellen Statement Before Congress. 2) US Political Updates : Transition Related Items ; Obama Related Political Updates ; Additional Political Developments. 3) Europe In Focus : Italian Banks & Italy Referendum Jitters Spooks Sovereign Bonds ; EU Budget & EU Related Items ; Violent Protests In Greece - Second Day ; French Presidential Race Updates ; DB Shares Fall , Tracking Rising 10 Year Bund Yields ; Additional Items Of Note. 4) Odds & Ends - India , Iraq/Syria , Libya & Turkey In Focus.

Markets .........

Asia Economic News For Friday , Data & Market Reports...

BREAKING: After New York talks, Abe confident he can build trust-based ties with Trump

JUST IN: Pres.-elect Trump is a leader who I can have great confidence, Japanese PM Abe says after meeting Trump in NYC.

CNY Fixing -104 pips to 6.8796, 11 days down in a row, longest decline since 2005 June.

Yuan plunging: USDCNH 6.904

Economic data due from Asia today, and ECB speaker

US Markets - Thursday.....

Forexlive Americas forex news wrap: Yellen is ready to get on with a December hike

Ooops. in free fall. Plunges to lowest level since Dec2015.

Dollar keeps impressing: Index DXY jumps to highest level since 2003 on unambiguously strong US data & comments from Fed's Yellen.

US major stock indices close with gains

Largest outflow from Emerging Markets on record; Largest inflows into financial/healthcare sectors on record: Lipper

Crude oil futures settle at $45.42 per barrel

Venezuelan oil minister says agreed with China to increase production


USDMXN falls after 50 bps rate hike which was clearly fully priced in. Meh.

Banco de Mexico raises rates by 50 basis points to 5.25%

No feather ruffling by Yellen leaves European stocks in the green

Full statement of Yellen ' s testimony before Congress today.

US Politics News For Thursday......

Trump is reportedly considering Mitt Romney for secretary of state

NBC News: Source close to Trump with direct knowledge of his thinking confirms Sunday's meeting with Romney is to discuss Secretary of State

Japan's finance minister Taro Aso: Trump-Abe meeting good start to relationship, think Trump has potential to become really great president

National Security Adviser position offer to Lt General Michael Flynn , Ret.

Tough battle allegedly brewing , but who knows really ? A lot of these stories are just speculations ....

JUST IN: Possible U.S. Treasury pick Hensarling says ready to help 'in any capacity possible' after meeting at Trump Tower

Jeff Session is said to be in the mix for attorney general. Trump aides' choice of words interesting. No decision made yet.

Team is officially vetting Steve Mnuchin for treasury secretary while the lust for 's Dimon continues. More NOW!

Now before everyone gets up in arms & makes assumptions I think this is a good idea-the question is-will "O" do it ?

Should have taken the opportunity to advise protesters to follow the law and stop the violence.

Obama wishes on a star , Russia launches strikes from both Syrian & Russian bases , as well as its aircraft carrier.

Now before everyone gets up in arms & makes assumptions I think this is a good idea-the question is-will "O" do it ?

This is a bit of a surprise - might foreign firms actually move toward setting up shop in the US ?

Just to note , note only does Michael Flynn have ties with Turkey , so does Trump himself.

Not a joke-the man (who happens to be Caucasian ) threatened to "buy a gun and shoot at random white people.")

Conway on report Jared Kushner likely gets a top WH post: "He has not sought out a natl security clearance, he has not applied for any job."

Transition Team update and calendar from Thursday.

As times goes by , more information about why HRC performed poorly in Midwest battleground States , coming to the surface.

Europe In Focus.....

Italian Banks and Renzi Referendum spark sellout in bonds from "not as safe" sovereigns in Europe..

EU Budget sees significant increase to deal with ongoing migration crisis...

Violent clashes btw masked individuals + riot police outside ; threw petrol bombs, stones agst police who respond with tear gas

Greece did not come up in the presser...

EU Senior Official: Bail-In Rules Should Be Reconsidered As Soon As Possible To Take Into Account Systemic Risks -- RTRS

EU Senior Official: EU Bail-In May Be Inappropriate To Deal With Systemic Banking Crisis -- RTRS

Deutsche Bank shares drop again, mimicking the development of 10y German bund yields.

Euro MPs cancel trip over rapporteur crisis, reports

French IFOP Fiducial Poll: Juppe Seen Getting 31% Of Votes In First Round Of Primaries, Sarkozy 30%, Fillon 27%

French CEVIPOF Poll: French Left-Wing Candidate Would Be Eliminated After Presidential Election First Round

French CEVIPOF Poll: Marine Le Pen, Conservative Candidate Guaranteed To Go Through To Second Round

Disgraceful -these perps should be rounded up & prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Renzi vows to walk away from the decrepit system that would be left behind, if he loses his Referendum.

Odds & Ends.....

Pics: pro gov paramilitaries looting west Aleppo suburbs. Implicated are Suqur el Sahra, Ali Shili brigades & Asha'er

Interesting thread , sanctions on al Nusra figures produce squeals of pain and denials...

/n Tu-95 heavy strategic bombers have just struck terrorist targets in . (As predicted by yours truly)

Indian Economy Grinds To A Halt After Cash-Ban: "Demonetisation Has Shaken Our Faith In The Monetary System"

Exemptions for weddings and farmers today , won't be shocked by more exemptions in the days to come...

Coalition not backing Turkish move on : US via

US Libya envoy commends Tobruk-government army commanded by Khalifa Haftar for its operations in Benghazi.

- LNA spokesperson tells that the LNA has now taken full control of al-Gwarsha & now advancing to capture Ganfouda.

: - Colonel Ahmed Mismari - the forces control Al Qawarishah area, south of .

Ouch! Erdogan's greatest weakness: Lira weakens to record 3.37 per Dollar, leaves worst forecast behind.

overtaken by as row over Ankara changing anti-terror laws continues. Little chance of visas being lifted now

Over 200 judges, prosecutors dismissed over Gülen links

More than 20,000 dismissed from army since coup attempt: Minister

‘Gov’t, Gülenists bargained over top judiciary posts,’ former justice says

Turkey appoints trustees to four municipalities

AKP’s constitution proposal will divide Turkey: CHP