Wednesday, October 26, 2016

MENA Report ..... October 26-27 , 2016 ...... Quick hits 1) Libya In Focus : UN Talks Faltering , Saudis To Take Lead Oar to Resolve Differences Within Factions / Regions / Tribes / Militias Of Libya ; Additional Political News Of Note ; Battlefield updates. 2) Syria - Iraq - Variety of Points Of View & Updates 3) Yemen In Focus - Hands Of West Dripping With Blood , As Much As Saudis.

Libya ......


Interesting.....wonder if this was why french spy-craft( which crashed ) was sent to check things out earlier this week ?

Reuters confirms story broken by WP: US military at secret base in operating USAF Reaper drones in

UAE established a military base in eastern , satellite imagery obtained by IHS Jane's shows

Final stretch of ISIS remainders at Sirte.

East & Misrata set to meet to try to resolve existing rift. Interesting thread to consider.

Army chief Khalifa Haftar in AbuDhabi discussing security & bilateral cooperation w/ State Min. for Defense Al-Bowardi & other UAE officials


Re debate over selling gold reserves, background WB assessment of Libya economy as near collapse (LH 11 Oct)

Central Bank chief rejects call by UN-backed government to sell some gold reserves to ease finance crisis.

Chinese consortium to invest $36bn in infrastructure bonanza

More than 90 migrants believed missing after boat sinks off : coastguard

.: hosting 70 U.S. military personnel at secret U.S. base to oversee drones spying on

's General/Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter in with Minister of State for Defense Affairs Mohammed Al Bowardi (among other positions)

2015: 1 death for every 269 arrivals 2016: 1 for 88 ( to : 1 for 47)

's : EU puts burden of migrant rescues on NGOs & we face militias posing as coast guard

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar arrives in the UAE on an official visit.

Who invited Saudis to lead negotiations on Libya ?

Seems like this idea stems from the West and not by way of requests made by Libyans...

Bilgassem Gzit: I warn against using force to dislodge the Ghwell govt/GNC faction. Their seizing of the Congress building was a clumsy move

Gzit: This faction represented by the Mufti [Sadeq Ghariani], Busahmain & Ghwell must be absorbed through negotiations rather than by force

Misrata figures meeting Tobruk parliament chief for reconciliation talks.

- "teaser" for report on consolidation of control against forces near port, conducting attacks behind the frontlines

Residents gathered in 's Martyrs Square to protest against the ongoing liquidity crises

Russia's deputy foreign minister Bogdanov says Moscow would consider requests from on Russian participation in counterterrorism ops

Both East & West courting Russia now ?

Another setback for 's UN-backed Unity Gov't: Some members of Benghazi's 204 brigade announce support for Hiftar

Syria- Iraq.....



US general claims up to 900 Isis fighters have been killed in offensive to retake Mosul

How oil is bringing and closer -

Al Qaeda-founded rebel group's growth underscores U.S. challenges in Syria

: " Al-Qaida is plotting attacks against the West but we are not fighting it in ". Anyone understands this puzzle?


Great piece by on how IS's oil business is being devastated by US air strikes

Coalition airstrikes reportedly kill at least 25 ISIS militants around

. says following past five years, Turkey has attributed to state failure in and .

says Iraq's former PM Nouri al-Maliki 'sickened' by coordination between Iraq's army and Peshmerga troops.

rebukes comments, says billions spent on training Iraqi army, and yet they could not resist for two hours, more soon!

Nouri al-Maliki accuses Kurdish President of implementing Israeli and U.S. policies in the region.

As expected , US turning to YPG & SDF to be ground forces in Raqqa Operation...

In Bazouiya, 5km east of , CT unit found an T55 /n Tank left behind by .

He can't send troops to Iraq unless "attacked". US is also trying to keep Turkey aside. Nothing without Iraq approval

Mosul Operation still shaping up . Northern front awaits southern and eastern fronts to advance.


[Ticker] Report: to add 10 names to Syria blacklist

Turkey vows to press Syria offensive in spite of warning from pro-Assad forces

"There are many wars taking place simultaneously in the same place," says about .

U.S. spending in Syria and Iraq since August 2014:

Syria denies use of chemical weapons in battlefields

No-Fly Zone would escalate war guaranteed to harm civilians in name of protecting them, writes

Map of Syria, Iraq showing Islamic State group zones of control and influence, with a chronology of the conflict around Raqa

Despite air bombing 1070 aprt, jihadists & rebels r holding the ground and defending their positions. Not easy.

"The reality is that an No-Fly Zone already exists in . It’s supplied by the Russians."

says the story of refuelling in Spain is unfounded, and have all supplies needed to reach and operate in v .

At least 14 children are killed in Syria as air strikes rain down on their school


US says carried out airstrike in targeting AQAP -not to be confused with the other - Saudi -campaign it backs

US strike in Yemen kills five Qaeda members: officials

129 of Labour's 231 MPs voted to halt support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen tonight. Full breakdown of MPs who backed Corbyn's motion here:

I genuinely don't understand why 100 Labour MPs failed to vote on Corbyn's motion tonight. We could have won this. It fell 193-283

Is the US reconsidering its support for Saudi Arabia in war? -

Dozens killed in Yemen after UN peace mission

Former Iraqi PM says battle for Mosul will reach Syria and Yemen

For UK gov this Brit cluster bomb in is more than just embarrassing. Could be illegal, a breach of Cluster Munitions Convention

It cost the U.S. Navy $8M to defend against two missiles fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels. That price spells trouble.