Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MENA Update...... September 21 , 2016...... 1) Libya - State Of Play On Battlefields , Political Minefields & Economic Activity. 2) Syria In Focus - Status Of Frayed Ceasefire , Controversial Occurrences , Additional Items Of Note. 3) Iraq In Focus - Mosul On Horizon , State Of Play Across The Country , Political Items , Oil !


( Where to start , so many items! Much more at the Twitter Timeline.)

Coup attempt in Tripoli- to foil alleged Military Coup of LNA.....

State Council announces HoR does not exist, says it will take over legislative powers -

State Council says taking control over legislative power, calls for "closing ranks to resist military coup"

Sadek al-Ghariani announces council to lead the country calls on fighters to support him.

Imhamed Shoaib: Statement by Sweihli, Makhzoum & Mazab a coup against the sole legislative authority in

Who besides Dr Swehili is pushing for HoR takeover ?

Tripoli Mufti Sadeq Al Ghariyani says a new constitutional roadmap prepared with (High Ummah Command)!!

Sisi: working to support implementation of LPA, restoring Libyan state authority and territorial integrity

Ageila Saleh: House of Representatives move to will be announced in the coming days.

Some aspects of gov't function , against the odds...

Some oil exports at captured ports, UN-backed government agrees delayed release of operational funds for state oil coy NOC

Mustafa Sanallah: Pres. Council allocating $310 million for Nat'l Oil Corporation.

Majd oilfied south of restarts production for first time since 2015, currently at 4,000 bpd.

‘‘The governance and control of the LIA is clear’’: LIA Interim Chairman Ali Mohamed -

exports first oil cargo from Ras Lanuf port since 2014 - port manager

Battlefields state of play , instability........

Protesters from town of Alshgega block road linking to southern in reponse to airstrikes killing 9 civillians

army 309 infantry brig. siezes control of last remaining HQ used by terror groups in Ganfouda area

Pres. Council Deputy PM Maiteeg: Urgent investigation initiated into the criminal killing of civilians in Jufrah

Interim Govt: airstrike launched from Misrata airbase, which is controlled by outlaw militias & terrorist groups


Pentagon shoots down any involvement of Coalition jets or drones...

Why US' biggest challenge to fighting IS in might be its own allies by

40,000 in Syrian town of Madaya haven't received any aid since April; aid deliveries to Syria have been suspended.

BREAKING: UN says it will resume aid convoys within Syria after attack prompted temporary suspension.

UN warned of danger (airstrikes or other possible hostilities) , sent Syria Red Cross anyway - note UN staff didn't go along !

(CNN TURK) Turkish Min.Def: We don't plan to use our own infantry in , will rely on

I called 3-4 UN officials last night and none would go on record saying "air strike."

So it begins - UN backs off describing attack on Aid Convoy as "air strikes" , admits it doesn't know what happened.


Chemical agent possibly found on rocket fired at US troops in Iraq

ISIS Believed To Attack US Base In Iraq With Gas. In the past they used it against the

| crude imports week ending 9/16: 0.358mbd.⬇-437kbd w/w. 4 week running average 0.529mbd.

| Kurdistan Workers Party (autonomous from KRG) plans to extract crude in Sargali & ship through via truck. basnews.

Mosul offensive triggers growing displacement in Iraq

Should go over well...

Typical of recycling and threatening the west to divert attention from Iraq, where it is losing territory.

Israel, the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all are against targeting al-Qaeda in Syria My take via

: forces liberate Jazirat Haditha from . On another front,Iraqi frcs entered albu-Diab,surrounding Jazirat alRamadi.

Parliament convenes with 173 MPs present and withdraw confidence of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari. PM Abadi needs a new Minister now

IRAQ: Local Iraqi forces ready by 'early October' for assault: top US officer -

Reportedly: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi made a rare appearance in Iraq's . In Risalah (red dot)

Turkish military conducts anti-terror operations in n. Iraq, southeastern Hakkari province, 9 PKK terrorists killed

U.S. President meets with Iraq's PM and Fuad Hussein, Chief of staff to Kurdistan Region presidency.