Sunday, September 4, 2016

Economic News & Views ......September 4 , 2016...... Sunday Items - 1. Germany Related News For Today : Important Federal State Election In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ( To Be Updated As Appropriate During The Day ) A Point Of Focus Today ; Merkel & Erdogan Talk At G-20 Meetings ; Interior Minister Floats Idea Of Returning Migrants To Greece ; Missing Refugees In Germany ; Major Protests Against Erdogan & Turkey By Kurds In Germany ; Merkel Still Maintains Visa Free Travel For Turks Tied To Turkey Meeting All 72 Conditions Of The EU. 2. Greece Items For Today : First EuroGroup Meeting Of The Fall Set For September 9th - Greece At Head Of The Agenda ; Economic Items To Consider Touching On Greece ; Creditor Talk Related Matters ; Additional Items To Consider. 3. Libya In Focus : Sirte Battle Against Isis Continues ; Gov't Formation Process Continues To Drag On ; NOC West Head Sanalli Comments On PFG Exaggeration Of Direct Oil Income ; Refugee Related Matters ; Additional Items Of Note. 4. Syria In Focus : State of Play for Aleppo & Syria- Turkey Borderlands Between Azaz & Jarablus ; Russia & US Talks Hit A Snag. 5. Odds & Ends.


Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) result

Another political earthquake in the making.

Turnout up nearly 10 points in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern compared to 2011

Merkel's CDU beaten by anti-immigrant AfD in 4th fed state election since refugee crisis.

Interesting item ! Source of Afd votes today...

regional elex projection: SPD 30,5 % AfD 21 % CDU 19 % Linke 12,5 % Grüne 5 % NPD 3,5 % FDP 3 %

CDU faces backlash Sunday, AfD expects major gains - a year after Merkel opened the borders to refugees.

Will AfD beat Merkel's CDU Sunday - in her home state ?

State election a test of 's refugee policy

Good morning from Berlin that could be rocked by federal state elections in Mecklenburg.

Takeaways to consider A) Merkel "an agreement is likely still several weeks away." B) Turkey's stance re: VFT ( by Oct ) unchanged.

C) Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday that Turkey now says it is willing to accept the liberalization deal with the EU 2

by the end of the year instead of October - Turkey says this is unsourced false rumor. 3

Merkel, Erdogan held 'constructive' talks at G20

3 hours ago
German interior minister floats idea of returning migrants to

Kurds protest in Germany against Erdogan and Turkey...

Thousands of Kurds in Germany rally ‘against dictatorship & for equality’

Chancellor Merkel still says Turkey must fulfill all 72 preconditions to get visa-free travel for its citizens.


Alternate Migration Min Mouzalas Announces Transfer of Refugees to Mainland from Greek Islands

Meeting of Southern European Countries in Athens on Friday

Reminder: the first meeting of the season to take place on Friday, September 9th. is on top of the agenda. Should be fun.

Gov’t reform speed dents EU trust

If programme is implemented as agreed, the expectations are that can return to the market next year, head Regling tells

If programme is implemented as agreed, the expectations are that can return to the market next year, head Regling tells

may submit MTFS in the same period w/ '17 draft budget (Oct 3) retaining 2019-20 fiscal targets at 3.5% of GDP (via )

 Sep 3

Sklavenitis announced the signing of agreement with banks and Marinopoulos on the terms of the latter's rescue plan.


Omer Aswad joins UN-installed PC as it continues debate in its HQ in Abu Sittah Naval Base to pick a new cabinet

HoR political advisor: Pres. Council has violated political agreement on 71 occasions

The dialogue meeting in Tunis tomorrow is going to be extra complicated. Some of the boycotting members are returning to make a point

3 hours ago
New HoR committee named by Agilah Saleh in includes Emhamed Shaib & Saleh Hima from the previous committee.

A new round of dialogue sessions in Tunis set to start tomorrow. PM Faeiz Serraj will be present. No sign of new GNA cabinet list yet

HoR president appoints new Libya Dialogue committee ahead of fresh Dialogue meetings ... -

forces take over ' largest explosive manufacturing & storage facility in

Libya unity govt forces make progress, say 4 fighters surrender only 100 left in Sirte

NOC chief Sanalla: PFG/Jadran forces massively overstated (1000 men max) and not reopening oil infrastructure

Sanalla suggests direct oil income for NOC, accuses PFG of massive numbers exaggeration -

Great read on another dangerous facet of failed gov't leadership in Libya...

Greek flagged vessel docks at port to load 730,000 barrels of crude, which it will transfer to port for domestic use

7 dead, over 60 wounded from forces in clashes against on Saturday: Misrata Central Hospital

Fire broke out at building across from TV station HQ in Abu Sitta runabout. Reasons are unknown


Buffer zone has allegedly been achieved between Azaz & Jarablus.

BREAKING Turkish Armed Forces have confirmed - front liberated from .

UPDATE — Daesh loses all territory along Syria-Turkey border

has lost its last direct official access to the Turkish borders

: All academia have been taken by now in , closing the circle once again around the city. .

yes. do you inow what elements russia apparently walked back in the deal that the US rejected?

US wants Aleppo demilitarised (rebels+regime). Russia knew Hezbollah is closing the circle before Thursday, rejected the offer.

We are still processing data , but it seems launched a considerable barrage 2 make regime's re-siege of possible

I don't entirely buy the argument that Iran is driving the Aleppo fight. Russia still playing a sophisticated mil-diplo game in

Effectively, as of noon today, rebel-held districts in eastern Aleppo are once again under siege.

Turkish-backed FSA forces make rapid gains in N , West of Jarablus & East of Azaz. May capture whole borderline in nxt 72 hrs.

ISIS lose swathe of territory to Turkey-backed jihadists, Free Syrian Army

Opposition-held eastern is back under siege, as of 1hr ago. Map via

UPDATE: Military situation after restoring the entire base. HD:

Protest in Manjib over Turkey's military incursion....

Kremlin spox: Meeting between obama and putin will take place tomorrow. format still not settled

At 11th hour, US-Russia deal on Syria in jeopardy. says he'll meet Lavrov Monday to "see if it is possible to bridge the gap"

UPDATE: The U.S. and Russia again failed to reach a deal for a cease-fire in Syria

Odds & Ends....

UK Gov't aides have fallen victim to spying on previous official trips to China....

As of 8 am, still moving ENE. Good news in terms of rain, but dangerous surge & big waves still expected

Life-threatening is life-threatening. It doesn't take a Sandy. Please take this one seriously


3 hours ago
Negative Interest Rates and the War on Cash (1) | Nicole Foss returns to the

, and leaders warn of risk from populist backlash on trade.

Don't overestimate G20 as recent summits have had less impact on stock mkts or on volatility over last couple of yrs

Draghi nears his QE3 as seen relying on ever-more stimulus.

SPÖ, the majority partner in the governing grand coalition, is also opposed to both TTIP & CETA deal with Canada.

Here we go...