Thursday, September 8, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... September 8 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. Market & Market Moving News : Zig Zag Bond Markets - After Sharp Drop In Yields Wednesday , Yields Spike Today Based On JGB Fears ; Crude Prices Rise In Front Of OPEC Meeting In Algiers , Big Draw Further Support Prices ; Stocks Slip On ECB Decision & Rising Euro ; Additional Items Of Note. 2. Around The Horn In Europe - UK , Germany , Italy , Greece , Spain In Focus. 3. MENA - Turkey , Syria & Libya In Focus.

Markets & Market Moving News .....

Asia Updates - Friday ......

Aug China CPI falls to 1.3% from 1.8% PPI keeps rebounding, rises to -0.8% from -1.7%


Interesting - when was the last time a North Korean nuke test moved markets - the first one ?

PM to hold NSC session on possible nuke test by Pyongyang

(LEAD) Quake detected near N.K. nuke test site: S. Korean military

BOK holds key rate steady at 1.25 pct in Sept.

Container freight rates set to jump as much as 50% from October !


Gundlach: 'The bond market seems to be sniffing out that there's a longer-term secular shift towards inflation'

30Y waking up to Japan risk

Brace For "VaR Shock" - The Bank Of Japan May Be About To Unleash A Global Selloff

Draghi Joins Carney in Asking Banks to Play Along With Low Rates

ECB seems to disappoint traders this morning....

Bunds Slide After ECB Doesn’t Commit to QE Extension

Here are 4 options for oil producers while they try to boost prices

U.S. Gulf Coast Crude Imports Fall to Lowest Weekly Level: Chart

Global stocks slip, euro rises in wake of ECB decision

Draghi, Apple send US stocks lower

Only catatonic until 7:45 am (EST.)

Asia overnight , morning in Europe , Wall Street prelude. ...

Around The Horn In Europe.....


ECB Lowers Emergency Liquidity Assistance to Greece

Greek Government Says 13 Prior Actions to be Completed Over the Next Week

Unemployment in Greece Drops to 23.4% in June

Tsipras Turns Down Berlin Invite, Prepares for Mediterranean Summit, Thessaloniki Speech

As the latest season of the Greek drama premiers this week, investors are steering clear


Valencia will ensure burnt land cannot be rezoned for construction

FT: "Fresh elections may suit Spain’s political heavyweights just fine"

10y yields of (w/ impotent caretaker govt) drop to life-time low.

Pregnant woman in niqab attacked by two men in


AfD set to win 15 % of vote. Both SPD & CDU set to fall back at a bit. Coalition building could be challenging.

Join together or fall apart? 's Merkel says more EU centralization 'not the answer'

Item of note from Germany...could be vandals , protestors , extremists....

Important Brexit negotiating fact: Germany's current account surplus with UK amounts to1.7% of German GDP and 20.4% of its total surplus.

's Draghi takes on : Says he would clearly be in line w/ EU's view that a lower surplus would be welcome

Would be embarrassing if EU -Turkey Deal she's touting , falls apart.

Germany being pulled back to the EZ pack....


Sicilian public sector employees skipped work up to 85% of the time, investigation finds:

Monte Dei Paschi Likely To Push Back Cash Call To January-February 2017 -- RTRS Source

Italy's Banco Popolare And Banca Popolare Di Milano Say ECB & Bank Of Italy Authorised Merger -- RTRS


Only a "minor risk" of a full blown crisis ......

Italy is the second biggest shipwreck in the Eurozone...


may grant privileges to high-skilled after

A UK tax sweetener means you could save up to 42 per cent on the cost of a commuter bike

Makes the Negotiations that more fascinating. ..

There is a v serious risk that UK is breaking domestic and international law - on arms sales to

. says he should be the leader of the

Top European bankers will be exempt from curbs on migration after the UK leaves the EU, Philip Hammond has revealed.

Isis plot to attack UK foiled



Anti-Gulen witch-hunt in Turkey turned into a vendetta campaign for many officials. Those whom they dislike are sacked or arrested.

Actually-this is a sign EU-Turkey plan might hold together & EU funds go to those in need-not controlled by Sultan.

And purge continues. ..

Saudis line up behind Turkey as to its approach in fighting terror.

Turkey indicates Turkey has no intentions regarding Manjib -as long as YPG leaves this key location.

Is Turkey attempting to provoke a reaction from YPG in Afrin ?

Turkey to provide electricity to rebel-held Jarablus via 3km cable. "Goal is to help bring life back to normal in area," says official.


interim govt Foreign Ministry denounces invitation for Fayez Serraj to visit

Unrest continues in Tripoli...

Aftermath of car explosion near Foreign Ministry HQ. Another explosion was reported near naval base

Arab League: Government of National Accord is the only one legitimate govt in

Dialogue committee asks Pres Council to solve its own issues before attempting other matters

Destruction in , after fierce clashes and air strikes to remove .


BIG - JFS military chief Abu Omar al-Homsi (Abu Omar al-Saraqeb) killed in alleged US drone strike along w. senior leader Abo Omar al-Shami

- The strike targeted a meeting that had been called to plan a new opposition counter-offensive to break the re-besieging of .

: The timing of the strike is telling, in midst of last min talks w. , who accuses US of inability/refusal to target AQ in .

- Bear in mind the consistent US position through talks with has been that JN/JFS is the spoiler-in-chief of attempts at "calm."

BREAKING: Putin, Erdogan agreed to coordinate efforts to achieve resolution in Syria: Kremlin -

Looks like Kerry -Lavrov officially set for Friday meeting in Geneva.

9/3 letter from US Envoy to Syrian Opposition regarding looming US-Russia Deal.

Lavrov -Kerry meeting set for Friday in Geneva. Might be getting close to a ceasefire agreement.

NEW : officially secures Al- area in S HD:

Turkey announces its essential role in realizing any Syrian Peace Plan ( same goes for US/RUS/Iran/Saudis.)

US and Turkey still at odds on role of Kurdish forces in future operations ( Raqqa ) and Northern Syria generally.

CNN Int'l reporting US and Russia have agreement on 13 of 15 elements of Syria deal, two sticking points

After Turkish attacks, YPG forces reportedly mobilized some heavily armed units & thermal anti-tank rockets to area