Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ....... September 14 , 2016...... Quick Hits For Wednesday - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : US Stocks Reverse Field And End In The Red , Oil Falls Again , Treasuries Catch A Bit Of a Bid ; Europe & Asia Stocks Market Updates For Wednesday ; Oil Related News & Data ; Additional Items Of Note. 2. US Presidential Race - Health Information Released Today By Both Trump & Clinton . Additional Items Of Note. 3. Around The Horn For Europe - Refugee Crisis , EU-Turkey Deal Travails , EU Politics , Greece. 4. Libya In Focus - Evolving Political Situation In Libya - Good News For A Change. 5. Syria Updates - Ceasefire Continues To Hold And Extended 48 Hours. 6. Odds & Ends.

Markets & Market Moving News...

Asia - September 15, 2016 Items

NIRP.......Land Of The Rising Sun....

Recap: Japan PM Adviser Nakahara: BoJ Should Increase Monetary Base Target To JPY 100 Tln P/A -- FXS

Recap: Japan PM Adviser Hamada: BoJ Has Ample Leeway To Loosen MonPol -- Nikkei

New Zealand Business NZ Manufacturing PMI (Aug): 55.1 (rev prev 55.5)

New Zealand GDP (QoQ) Q2: 0.9% (est 1.1% rev prev 0.9%) -New Zealand GDP (YoY) Q2: 3.6% (est 3.7% rev prev 3.0%)

September 14 , 2016 Items...

Dow industrials, S&P 500 close lower as oil prices fall

Stocks Slump To 'Rosengren Lows' As Crude Carnage & China Credit Crunch Continues


10 hours ago
Frontrunning: September 14

Chart: Sep rate hike probability drops to 20% -

Chart: The US continues to import disinflation from China -

As traders fret about persistent oversupply, oil market can expect a surge of Nigerian and Libyan crude | |

next worry is , with output recovery: Bonny is back; Qua Iboe is imminent and Forcads soon

US Crude oil production rose by 0.035mmbpd to 8.493mmbpd

Distillates +4,619k vs est. +1,500k Gasoline +567k vs est. -1,100k Cushing crude -1,245k

DOE crude inventories draw -559K, Exp. +4000K

Chart: WTI crude; market not too happy with today's EIA report -

Fed going to raise rates in September into this ?

August US Import Prices -0.2% M/M, Exp. -0.1%

US Presidential Race - Health Information Released Today By Both Trump & Clinton

FYI - Health information pertaining to HRC. H/T

Full review of systems covered...

Oh my: New polls show Trump leading in Nevada and … Colorado

Originally , there were 23 ObamaCare Co-ops. 17 have bit the dust. How long before remainder fold up their tents ?

Clinton aide: Next week Clinton will meet with Egyptian President Sisi and Ukrainian President Poroshenko.

Trump leads Clinton 48 % to 43 % among likely voters in a two-way contest & 44 % to 39 % w/ 3rd P candidates.

Around The Horn - Europe .....

Not a shocker...this was quite likely if EU -Turkey Deal faltered.

European Union needs military HQ and to work towards a common military force, Commission President Juncker told MEPs in Strasbourg

Someone else will block. UK provided "convenient alibi", as Mogherini herself acknowledged.

Actually , the retort from Hungary ( made by Hungary's Foreign Minister ) , well worth the read !

France wants UK-EU exit talks "to begin between now and the end of the year, or early next year", says gov't spokesman Stéphane Le Foll.

Juncker ( in his view) wants to position the EU to have a seat at the adult table where decisions are made..

Hahaha ! Stated even as Juncker announces plans for EU military HQ !

The legal framework will be tabled after the completion of the 2nd programme review, Ministry says.

Manfred Weber said CSU would present its own candidate for the presidential race in January 2017 to replace Schulz.


President Tobruk parliament promotes army commander Khalifa Haftar following capture strategic oil pots.

File under " The best-plans of mice and men often go awry." Adaptation from line w/i Robert Burns "To A Mouse."

| Said to Attend OPEC Meeting in Algiers at End of Sept. - BBG


Most important and practical statement to date re oil terminals development by 1st/2nd HoR deputies

Mustafa Sanalla & Nagi Magribi (East/West NOC chiefs) meet next week to complete unification

Ah , the bigger picture from the events of the past handful of days , is coming into view.


chairman Mustafa Sanallah: We have given instructions to lift force majeure at ports and start operations

NOC chairman Sanallah arrives in Zuietina oil terminal & lifts force majeure. Today, Zuietina will produce 20k barrels.

AGOCO oil company ready to restart oil production from oilfields that have been shutdown Nafura, Majed &bayda

's NOC takeover oil terminals without any conditions (such as payments etc) & HoR happy with exports inline with UNSC 2259.


US State Dept. says Syria cease-fire agreement is holding, despite sporadic violence, and US and Russia have agreed to 48-hour extension

Reports: regime & FSA forces will begin withdrawing personnel & weaponry from Castello Rd area, from tomorrow.

General Votel: we will be deliberate and specific w/ our requirements as/if we move forward w/Russia in

Russia wants transparency to avoid mistakes in interpretation. ...

Odds & Ends.....

Amazed the country hasn't entered full bore revolt against Maduro...must eggs reach $250 or $500 per dozen ?

So-reading between lines , are Saudis still threatening to sell US assets + implied threat of "extremism" for US ?

Wells Fargo being fined $185,000,000; in comparison, outgoing executive will reportedly get $125,000,000.

ISIS 'chemical bomb factory' destroyed in US-led attack in Iraq

Good to read this...

Philippines Plans 35% Income Tax Rate for Rich People: Bulletin

Abe Adviser Nakahara: BOJ policy confusing, lacks transparency - TNS