Thursday, August 18, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views --- August 18 , 2016 ......Quick Hits ......1. Markets & Market Moving News : Asia , Europe and Stock Markets News For Thursday ; US Treasuries Firm Up Today ; Energy News Of Note ; YTD Currency ETF Returns. 2. Spain - Updates On Gov't Formation Talks. 3. Greece News De Jour - Economic Items , Refugees , International Politics In Focus. 4.Turkey Items Of Note For Thursday - Purge Items , Domestic Politics , PKK Violence , International Politics. 5. Odds & Ends.

Markets & Market Moving News....

PBOC Fixes Yuan Reference Rate At 6.6211 (prev 6.6273)

Current standing in Asia: Nikkei (+0.7%), ASX 200 (+0.4%), KOSPI (+0.1%), TAIEX (+0.5%)..... Happy Friday!!!

BoJ Offer To Buy JPY 1.25tln Worth OF JGBs From Market

U.S. stocks end higher as oil prices climb

Crude 'Crashes' Up To Bull Market, Dollar Dumps To Brexit Lows

Frontrunning: August 18

US Bonds steady today....

Heck of a bounce off the low point...

Morgan Stanley forecasts Pemex's oil production to fall 700k barrels by 2020:

Brent firmly back above $50 a barrel (and the 50-, 100- and 200-day moving averages) Brent: +$1 to $50.85

YTD Currency ETF returns. Many surprises this year.

Spanish Politics....

1. Spanish Papers Furious At Rajoy

Ciudadanos leader Rivera says caretaker PM Rajoy agreed to sign anti-corruption pact, policy talks w/PP to begin Fri

Before walking off, Rajoy brushed off several questions on the specifics of what he has or has not just agreed to with Rivera.

’s public debt hits record high in Jun, Debt to GDP ratio highest level since 1909.


Hotel Rates on Refugee Islands Slashed by Half for Tourists

Greek-Turkish PMs Discuss Refugees, Energy, Future Matters in Phone Call

Greece ranks last in terms of viability

Greek TV License Bidding to be Held on August 30

Greek primary cash surplus to July falls to 2.4 bln, including arrears repayment of 1.1 bln

confirms to have receive 's official request for extradition of 8 officers - their asylum request to be examined tom/ow Aug19


President Erdogan says he made a personal request to President Obama re : Gulen extradition.

's ruling party offers last minute amendment to the bill, giving president powers to appoint & sack university rectors at his will.

Another -inspired school, seized by gov't unlawfully, was turned into religious school for girls in Istanbul

Aegean Sea migrant crossings see hike after Turkey’s coup attempt

Something to keep am eye on..

October looms...

LATEST — 11 putschist soldiers who tried to assassinate President Erdoğan at hotel he was staying before the coup attempt have been arrested

Turkey to confiscate assets of 187 Gulen-linked businessmen: report

BREAKING: 27 killed in car bombings near police headquarters in Elazig, Turkey

Turkey asks schools, libraries to destroy books published by 29 printing houses, copies of 15 magazines and 45 daily newspapers.

Odds & Ends.....

Remember when Saudi Arabia admitted it had created ISIS?

U.S. says publicly for first time that payment to Iran was leverage for prisoners' release:

‘Negotiate with ISIS’ comment a ‘major mistake’ by Owen Smith (Op-Edge)

China pools and exchanges seen as being particularly at risk.

NEW! SITREP from ISW and . airstrikes out of +Manbij falls.

JUST IN: MSF evacuating from 6 north Yemen hospitals due to "indiscriminate bombings and unreliable reassurances from Saudi-led coalition


Talk continues that hack is the work of a mole inside NSA...

Third part of an amazing series..

No, the US is not moving nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania. (1/5)


Head of eastern central bank quits board of sovereign wealth fund (LIA) in protest at arrest of chairman.