Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views - July 13 , 2016...... Quick Hits .....1. Markets & Market Moving News : Helicopter Money Is " The New Hotness " ; Wonderful Wacky World Of Bonds Has Another Fine Day ; Fed Heads Harker & Mester Offer Jibber Jabber Of The Day ; Oil Prices Takes A Beating After Distillates Build & Production Spikes. 2. UK Political Scene / Post Brexit World - Cameron Resigns Today , May Becomes Prime Minister - Cabinet Rapidly In Process Of Being Filled Out. 3.Libya News De Jour. 4. US Civil Unrest - Post Dallas America Updates. 5. Odds & Ends.


Helicopter money looking less crazy as CenBanks are biggest holder of govt debt. via

Case for Helicopter money: cuts GDP forecast from 1.7% to 0.9% this yr and inflation forecast to 0.4% vs 1.2%

sells 10y Bund w/ negative yield for first time. Sold €4.038bn 2026 Bund at -0.05%. But auction not covered

After a few lackluster days for bonds , thirty year auction smokes today !

30Y TSY High Yield 2.172%, WI 2.176%

Important thing to consider-in a NIRP environment-zero coupon bonds are basically Pokémon cards. Trading vehicles.

HARKER SAYS HE SEES FED FUNDS RATE APPROACHING 3% BY END-2018. And the 2s10s approaching -350 bps


Just wondeful...

Oil price hit hard as distillates see their largest build in 6 months-production also has a spike. Bearish for crude

UK Political Scene / Post Brexit World....

wasting no time. Chancellor George Osborne quits the government. FM moves to be Finance Minister >>

Osborne has left the Gov't..

The White House has congratulated on her appointment as Prime Minister and says President Obama backs her plan for 'Brexit'

Belgian PM doesn't mince words - says May shd trigger Art 50 'as quickly as possible' and faces 'challenging times'

Aberdeen Property Trust lifts its suspension on redemptions...

Libya In Focus.....

UN envoy army plan seems to mean single command Zintan-Misrata in Tripolitania and Benghazi Shura Council-army in Cyrenaica.

Protests about power cuts in both and today. Libyan reporters and providing more information

residents continue to block roads & burn tyres in protest against prolonged power outages (10 hours)

Protesters in close road in protest to the long power cuts.

One source told me they want to cut Zawiya phone lines because Zawiya not supplying fuel for power station.

Tripoli electricity supply down to 1 hour in 12.

US Unrest - Post Dallas America....

July 15th "Day Of Rage" protests set for numerous US Cities. Check article for further information. Be vigilant.

Trigger happy officers kill an unarmed teen , who happened to be white.

When an assassin’s bullet targeted the Dallas police force, it touched the soul of our nation. Every American is wounded by these deaths.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Odds & Ends.....

One year later, Iran is obeying nuclear deal, despite doubts

Note , weapons to go directly from US to Irbil.

Macro criticizes both President Hollande and Prime Minister Valls , seems set to run for President in 2017 campaign

Migrant flows to EU ease after Turkey deal, ‘front line’ moves to Italy

crude production is sinking (lowest since 2003 PDVSA strike) -- data

Authorities arrest 29 suspected of smuggling 600 into Greece from Turkey

Note , approval by the EP , will be required.

Not surprisingly-nations lectured by the US regarding human rights violations , will take the opportunity to troll.

Iraqi forces link up south of Mosul, tightening noose around Islamic State:

Security a major concern facing Turkey presently. ...

Negotiations not going well , it would appear..

"Not there yet" says on EC imposing sanctions to member states who don't keep resettlement and relocation quotas.

Citibank will close accounts of the CB of Venezuela and Bank of Venezuela-used to make international transactions.

Hey Donald Trump, did you know Mike Pence loves NAFTA?

Probably the best choice for Trump. But we shall see...

Could be an early sign that Newt could be the choice by Trump....