Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( May 31 , 2016 ) Quick Hits ( 1. Markets & Market Moving News : Dow Components YTD Returns ; S&P 500 Sector ETFs - YTD Returns + 200 Day Moving Average ; Global Currencies Through May 2016 ; Commodity Returns Through May 2016 ; And Global Equity Return Through May 2016 . 2. Greece News De Jour . Libya In Focus - East , West And South. 3. Odds & Ends. )

Markets & Market Moving News....

Dow Component Returns, YTD through May...

S&P 500 Sector ETFs: All 9 above their 200-day moving average, 8/9 positive YTD.

Global Currencies (vs. USD) through May...

Commodity Returns (YTD) through May...

Global Equity Returns through May...


How many more Greeks will be forced into homelessness b/c of lost jobs over the next five years ?

Greek retail sales fall by 4.3 pct in March for tenth straight decline

deal with may drag longer than expected, MNI reports citing EU Sources. May delay ECB waiver decision.

After public-media outcry, govt says will submit amednt forbiding any involvement of politicians in comps not based in GR-not just offshore

Athens Ledra hotel being shut down, sources say

Redlines games begin again , we shall see how long they last...


Central Bank in Bayda sets temporary withdrawal limit at 1,000 Dinars per week, up to 2,000 Dinars per month.

CBL 's Sadiq Kabir urges GNA's Prez Council to reject new banknotes circulate by CBL that GNA rejected, but then accepted.

Ibrahim al-Jadhran will retain position as head Oil Facilities Guard for central region under Pres. Council

Today major tribes pledged support politically and socially to parliament president Agila Saleh and said he can speak for all Barqa

Hmm, GNA not exactly following the script , I see.

More division in as 2 military governors, Ali Kana & Mohammee Hareem, have been appointed in the South by 2 different groups

Migrant conference hears that Libya migration crisis expected to continue through summer

Unclear when Tripoli central bank currency printed in UK to arrive. UN-backed govt. says notes from both banks valid across Libya

New banknotes issued eastern central bank circulate from tomorrow. Agreed can circulate across Libya.

At least 880 people die on the Mediterranean last week.....boats packed like crazy and not seaworthy.

Ali Hibri ( Central Bank Gov al-Bayda): New bank notes equal 4 Billion Dinars, covered by 30 tons of gold

Odds & Ends....

UK voters leaning towards Brexit, Guardian poll reveals ; poll-average chart via

Chart: Pound takes a beating in response to the new Brexit poll -

Futures Exchange Says Client’s Hedging Caused Flash Crash

Support for mainstream German parties dips below 50% as Merkel's CDU at 30% & SPD below 20%.

Saudi's new top official brings fresh style to .

Saudi Arabia and Russia cut US securities holdings.

Federal negligence complaint filed against the Cincinnati Zoo- focused on inadequate construction of the enclosure

Juncker gives more fuel to "Leave" campaign...

Check out this article: Poroshenko May Discover That Savchenko Was More Useful to Him in Prison -

Two new Guardian/ICM phone and online polls both put Leave ahead (42-45% and 52-48% respectively), with more undecideds on the phone.

calls , warns adopting parl. res. recognizing WW1 killings of as genocide will harm ties on all levels

Empty shelves at a Caracas pharmacy - shortage of medicines in Venezuela exceeds 85%

At least 880 people die on the Mediterranean last week.....boats packed like crazy and not seaworthy.