Saturday, May 28, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( May 28 , 2016 ) Quick Hits For Saturday (1.Refugee Crisis Highlights For Saturday. 2. Iraq/ Syria / Libya - Items Of Interest - Understand People Flee War Zones & Instability & Unlivable Conditions - Which Is A Huge Driver In The Present Refugee / Economic Migration Crisis. 3. UK Referendum AKA Brexit - News / Views , Items To Consider . 4. Greece In Focus - Epicenter For Refugee Crisis In Europe , Facing Its Own Ongoing Financial Turmoil & Dictates From Creditors. 5. Market Moving Data & News At The Top. )

Market Moving Data & News...... Updated as information comes across twitter.....

Russian Energy Minister Won’t Attend June 2 OPEC Meeting: RIA

Bond traders say don’t count out June hike after Yellen remarks via

Chart: The treasury curve still flattening: the 30y-2y yield spread is 1.71% today; cc

Transatlantic gap widens again as German bund bulls seek support from divergence.

S&P rose 2.3% for its best week since Mar as investors dismiss Fed rate hike angst.

Good morning from Berlin. Global stocks gained $1.2trn in market cap this week as investors warmed to good econ data

Refugee Crisis.....

This is just today , another 650 refugees/economic migrant saved off Libya...

Fears for residents as assault on intensifies

Migrant commits suicide in the center of Larissa

We have built shelters to assist Iraqi families newly displaced from besieged Falluja

Over 4,000 Fled Mosul to in May Only

LIVE NOW: Far-right rally against immigration in Paris

We airlift the first of 5 emergency aid dispatches for newly arrived Mosul-Iraqis, in Syria

Read the latest from Syria where we are supporting Iraqis fleeing Mosul fighting

165,000 people massing near Azaz in northern . We're deeply concerned about their plight.

Macedonia doing what EU requested, says via

"We have refugees fleeing to Syria. It is an extremely desperate bid to escape ISIL-held Mosul" -

The world's refugee crisis: past and present

Tragic. Dozens migrants missing after 3rd shipwreck in 3 days off coast

The crisis you’ve never heard of – and why it’s about to get worse

We urge Greece to find alternative sites for refugees, using EU financial support provided

New migrant centers ‘substandard,’ UNHCR says

UK to help Libyan coastguard as the Mediterranean migration crisis continues

Syria/ Iraq / Libya


Syria prison riots break out again; director held hostage

100 000 trapped along Syria, Turkey border

Turkish President Erdogan condemns US support of terrorist organization PKK related YPG Kurdish group in Syria.

The last remaining -trained rebel group in is now in jeopardy

LATEST – Turkish army hits Daesh targets in Syria, kill 104 terrorists in retaliation for Friday’s attack on Turkey's Kilis border province

North : the situation on May 28 after one day of offensive by vs Azaz rebels. Operations continuing

Apols - Marea doctor says ISIS entered town near hospital, repelled and now clashing on the outskirts again.

doesn't have much choice: 1-convince coalition to provide intensive air support 2-Join SDF &fight ISIS together 3-Surrender to ISIS


Iraqi Armed Forces kill over 110 ISIS terrorists in 24 hours: MoD

For 50K Fallujah civilians at risk from Iraq assault, flight from ISIS isn't so easy either.

Hundreds flee Fallujah area as forces press offensives in Iraq and key IS bastion in Syria

U.S. military official says coalition airstrikes have killed 70 Islamic State fighters including the group's leader in in Iraq


Images from last night in . Residents facing 8 to 10 hours of power outages everyday

Hopefully the new cash supply will be distributed to people quickly, before Ramadan. What's the # 1 problem in eastern now? CASH

: 1st batch of newly-printed Libyan Dinar cash (250M) arrived at Labraq airport yesterday. Now in Bayda to to be distributed next week

News: Misrata forces have now retaken the Sirte power plant, and /Daesh have withdrawn

David Cameron on plans to bolster Libyan coastguard & combat arms trafficking in the Med

UK Referendum AKA Brexit.....

Are EU officials quietly encouraging Brexit? Why else would they threaten punitive action at secret meetings?

Brexit will allow us to "design a new immigration system that brings the chaos under control", says Priti Patel.

At G7, Cameron keeps lid on press pack's 'Brexit' probing

Uber are pushing a register to vote pop-up on all their users in the UK, ahead of the referendum.

Analysis: British economy stalls before vote

Banks are hoping Britons will vote the Brexit problem away

Brexit or not, the allure of London will dissuade big banks from abandoning ship

The EU will present its military plans after the UK referendum on


Eurogroup Backstage Drama: IMF's Disagreement Concerns EZ Finance Ministers - Greek Reporter: Eurogroup Backs...

Review not quite finished yet

4M primary expenditure -0.7% to 12.32 bln, 1.82 bln lower than target.

4M revenues (bef tax refunds) -0.1% to 15.03 bln, 378 mln above target. Tax revenues +2.4% to 12.51 bln, 207 mln short of target.

’s debt deal is not a game-changer, writes . A bleak picture of reality.

Budget revenues miss target by 207 mln

Putin and Tsipras seeking to profit from historic ties

Lagarde calls on Athens to work harder on reforms

Seven in 10 Greeks believe interests harmed by long bailout talks

ECB bad-loan policy may also reach smaller banks

poll [-MacedoniaU]:
ND 25.5 Syriza 17.5 GD 7 KKE 5.5 DS (PASOK) 4.5 EK 4 Plefsi 2.5 ANEL 2 Potami 2

president Putin signals interest of Russian companies in the privatization of Greek railways and Saloniki Port Authority.

PM Tsipras: Cooperation is strategic choice for , necessary ingredient of our contemporary foreign policy