Thursday, May 26, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( May 26 , 2016 ) Overview For Thursday ( 1. Markets - Bond Markets & News Related To Bonds , Overview For US Markets For Thursday , Commodities In Focus - Crude Oil , Soy & Wheat , Zero Hedge "Front Running - Asia & Europe / US Preview . 2. Greece In Focus . 3. Refugee Crisis Updates. 4. France Continues To Burn - Protesters pile pressure on France , Politicians Weakening and Euro 2016 Looms. 5. Odds & Ends. )

Markets & Market Moving News.....

Chart: US inflation expectations are declining again in spite fo stronger crude oil -

Decouple-apalooza - Bonds, Yen, Oil, Dollar Diverge From Volumeless Stock Levitation

US Pending Home Sales Climbed to Highest Level in 10 Years

Chart: US capital goods orders (ex-aircraft) continue to decline. Weak Capex likely to keep productivity growth low

Settles at $49.48, down 8 cents.

Chevron Facility Goes Offline In Nigeria After Tweeted Attack By Mysterious Militant Group

Chart: Wheat futures up over 3% on the day -

Overnight Markets ( Asia wrap and Europe markets ) ...


Greece making effort to tie up loose ends for bailout tranche

Primary school teachers call strike for June 8

FinMin confirms pending prior actions relate to privatisation of Hellinikon, state-guaranteed NPLs & legal issues re new priv fund.

Patience for QE..

agreement win-win, more late-night meetings on "a lot of work needs to be done" Moscovici says to MNI (via )

official discusses Fund position on deal. Transcript: /via

Refugee Crisis Items.....

This is going to be replicated a lot this summer...

Embarrassment for Mr Cameron as figures show net long-term migration to the UK rose by 20,000 to 333,000 in 2015.

Greece's Idomeni refugee camp now empty, police say

8000 more migrants at sea via West still secure in Sirte & elsewhere Eastern anger exploding over cash Great week for UN's GNA

SPD proposes new immigration draft law - draws immediate rebuke from Opposition (Left Party) & CDU also pans same.

France On Fire......

Yeah , not a shocker to see French politicians scrambling to find an exit ramp from "protest hell."

Watch: Protests erupt in Paris against new French labour law

VIDEO - French labour reform protests: Strikes and fuel blockades threaten to cripple…

Protests really heating up...

Odds & Ends.....

Asia Tonight........


Xi holds talks with visiting President Mukherjee, pledging to boost partnership



HDP, CHP MPs appeal to annul bill scrapping immunities

British special forces fighting in Libya

's parallel central bank issues banknotes printed in

First signs of Syrians using Libya for transit...

Fears for the future

UN envoy says no new Syria talks in next few weeks: diplomats

REPORT: New N Aleppo route ends fuel crisis, bypasses Azaz rebels:"We're in Afrin's pocket."

and allies are happy to see the leading the war against toward with and forces.

US Special Forces 'Advisors' in Fatisah, liberated by on the way to . v v