Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views - ( April12 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Equities YTD (Local Currency - Winners & Losers So far For 2016. 2 Commodities Round Up Of Data. Energy Complex Has Largely Bounced Nicely Off February Lows - Except Laggard Natural Gas. Crude Finally Cross 200 MVA- Downtrend Since July 30th 2014 Comes To An End. 4. Paul Ryan Says " Count Me Out Of Consideration For 2016. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Ukraine Political News For Tuesday. 2. Refugee / Migration Top News Items. 3. Scandals De Jour. 4. Greece In Focus - Creditor Talks , Economy In Focus . 5. Spain Items For Tuesday - New Elections Looming , ISIS Risk ? )


Equities YTD (Local Currency)... Brazil: +20% Russia: +8% US: +1.5% Germany: -9% China: -15% Japan: -16% Italy: -19%

At the February lows, Crude Oil was down 30% on the yr. Today: up 14%. Gasoline now leading all commodities YTD.

First time since July 30, 2014: Crude Oil closed above its 200-day moving avg. Longest downtrend in history ends.

US, Brent crude strike fresh ’16 highs amid hopes major oil producers will agree to a freeze

Ryan says count me out for 2016...


Ukraine .....

Negotiable: Poroshenko breaks Groisman, Saakashvili makes an ultimatum, Yatsenyuk will not go away

Cabinet talks still ongoing ??

Yatsenyuk's resignation was delayed: Groisman traded with ... ----

Radical party still hot on Poroshenko's case...

Looks like Groisman/ Groysman might just become Prime Minister after all.

Ash: Who is and what will he do as minister?

Refugees ......

foreign assistance cuts to make refugee assistance 'nearly impossible'

Bono has a plan to tackle the refugee crisis

Pledges often do not translate into action.

We cannot be satisfied w/results achieved so far.EU countries need to deliver

One word: Srebrenica.

Yesterday 34 have been relocated to Finland, 615 in all from , says

What is happening at the border between Italy & Austria is not the right solution," Avramopoulos told the Eur Parl


Police raid law firm in Panama Papers tax dodging scandal

EU cracks down on tax havens, targets 6,000 top multinational companies

Scandal-hit VW faces national outrage at mega-bonuses

EUC will still put forward proposals this month granting visa-free travel to Ukrainians, despite Dutch "No" vote.

Merkel panders Erdogan in order to keep alive the controversial refugee exchange deal between the EU & Ankara.

The real takeaway here - ECB's OMT Program may be found legal , but also may never be operational due to Germany !

53,381 +migrants in today: 80 new arrivals. 7,055 on islands, 14,405 in Attica [3,806 ], 11,194 in

: +1.850 rescued off . The Mediterranean route "well and truly open" acc

FYROM responds to Greek criticism of border crackdown with demarche


Greece has received initial interest from Italy for its railway operator TRAINOSE and expects three more suitors.


Athens has to find more than 5 BN euros ($5.7 billion) to meet its debts in June & another 5 BN euros in July.

Police slowly evacuating +migrants from with more than 600 people transferred yesrd to Skaramangas center

seeks 1-year delay of €6.4bn privatization target: Greek Privatization Agency chief

First "deadline" missed, onwards to the next one. Stop me if you've heard this one before

Talks will resume April 18th-after the Spring Meetings between the International Monetary Fund & the World Bank

net private sector hirings of 29,351 in March, highest in last 15 years


The state of the poll of polls in Spain. Via . Rajoy apparently managing to wear the other three down.

After 20,000 military uniforms seized in Valencia is there an ISIS support network in Spain?