Thursday, April 28, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 28 , 2016 ) Overview For Rainy Thursday ( 1. Global Equities Suffer Setback Today , Gov't Bond Yields Fall After BOJ Disappoints. 2. Oil News De Jour. 3. Quick Hits For Europe - Greece - Creditor Talks , Refugee Situation , Deflation - Germany & Spain In Focus , Brexit Items. )


Dow plunges 1.2%, biggest percentage decline since Feb11 as Carl Icahn said he is worried about .

Tough day at the office.....

Govt bond yields around the globe drop like a stone as BoJ spurs safety bid.

Nikkei plunges 3.6% to 16666.05, logs biggest percentage fall since Feb12 after BoJ dashed hopes for more stimulus.

Financials are getting hammered by BoJ. Brokers, insurers, banks & real-estate sectors are biggest losers in .

's $1 Trillion bond leverage unwinds as Pimco senses panic.


is buying more than half of production (with and leading), according to

As Prices Recover, Drain on FX Reserves Slowsdown

Despite glut, prices up again: settles above $46 a barrel and approaches $48 a barrel

Is the current rally just a head fake? RBC sees resistance level at $50. Would test elasticity of US production

Europe Quick Hits .....

July 1 , 2018 - Quick Exit !

on to be held May 9. Date agreed following phone call btwn Dijsselbloem and Tsakalotos ~Greek official

Do Britons want to leave the EU? UPDATED: our Brexit poll-tracker

Brits in the EU & Europeans in the UK will see only 1 change after Brexit: not voting in EU or local elections. Please stop scaremongering.

's deepens in April. HICP dropped by 1.2% vs 0.9% expected.

's unemployment rises for the 1st time in a year as voters prepare for election.

EU official defends deal as Turkey deadline approaches

Draghi can't keep himself from scaremongering the UK. This always backfires

Lawmakers had been expected to work on Friday & Saturday on legislation needed for Turks to secure visa-free travel

Refugee crisis: When is a tragedy a massacre? writes

With Greek debt fears mounting, creditors promise to talk about debt relief (soon)

EU-Turkey deal may be vetoed by the European Parliament -skepticism on Turkey abounds.....

The first quarter of 2016 saw 347 crimes linked to refugee accommodation.....

Trouble coming up with measures to satisfy creditors - yet referendum or snap election risks too high....

An emergency EG meeting on Greece - next week or the week after - as per EG Head Dijsselbloem

Something to consider...

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There are hundreds of thousands of Africans waiting to try their luck on the voyage to EU across the Med. …