Saturday, January 9, 2016

MENA Report ( January 9 , 2015 ) 1. Iraq/ Syria Regional War - Battlefield And Political Updates. 2. ISIS Regional And Global Battle And State Of Play With Turkey . 3. Refugee Related Matters / Concerns. 4. Yemen In Focus - Battlefield/ A.Q / Political Situation. 5. Libya situation - Battlefield & Political Situation Updates. 6. Odds & Ends.


Former Yemen President Rejects Talks With Govt

Erdogan: ISIS Attack 'Vindicates' Troops to Iraq

Obama Unveils 'Propaganda' Task Force to Combat ISIS

US Drone Strike Kills 17 ISIS Militants in Afghanistan

112 Killed Across Iraq

Special Forces Target ISIS in Hawija, Iraq Official Says

Ramadi, Reclaimed by Iraq, Is in Ruins After ISIS Fight

Aid to Be Delivered to Starving Syrian Towns as Early as Sunday

Migrants 'Face Beatings, Abuse' Trying to Enter Spanish Territory

Hundreds of Syrians Are Turned Back at Beirut Airport

Syrians Return to Damascus After Turkey Introduces New Air-Travel Visas

Syrian Refugees Face Another Winter in Flimsy Shelters

Iran Holds Mass Protests Against Saudi Arabia Amid Tensions

ISIS Claims Libyan Police Center Bombing

Timeline of ISIS Expansion in Libya

EU Pledges 100 Million Euros to Aid Libya's Unity Government

Police Kill Suspected Tel Aviv Gunman in Northern Israel After Week-Long Manhunt


Refugees In Europe.....

Reporter on , who's at Cologne protests: 1000+ at pro-refugee, anti-fascist protest. "Less than 500" at anti-migrant demo.

Anti-refugee & pro-refugee demonstrations now in Cologne. Situation calm
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Merkel backs expelling convicted refugees with suspended sentences.

| Merkel's CDU aims for stricter laws for sexual offences and easier refugee deportations

Cologne events will constitute a sea change for on refugee policy. German society feels threatened now. And that's not good. At all

Lying and withholding facts -only makes things worse when the truth comes out.

Syria / Iraq / Turkey .....

Iraqi PM Abadi pledges corruption drive after Sistani criticism

’ite Militia not Welcome in Operation: al-Nujaifi -
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denies attack on Turkish forces in

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Bedlam in Basra: Crime, kidnappings and extortion become commonplace in Shiite southern Iraq:

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The Iraqi military's long overdue capture of will hardly be enough to defeat the -

Turkish security forces kill 18 attackers in

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US Approves $800 Million Sale of Missiles to Iraq -
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is forfeiting its claims for regional supremacy -

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Saudi FM accuses Iran of escalating tensions

Damascus backs Syria talks, wants list of 'terrorist groups' and opposition negotiators

Syrians in Jordan - The forgotten pocket of Syria's refugee crisis
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Liwa AL-Quds brigade says is on verge of controlling Village West of

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Syrians stranded at Beirut airport begin to return to Syria after fail to depart to Turkey
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NEW MAP: Battle of .

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Additional support for idea Libya may be more important at the moment for ISIS than Iraq or syria.

Sebha leaders upset that development contract, originally set to be split between Fezzan&Misrata, now favors Misrata

Abdulrahman Sweihli calls for changes in the unity government's Presidential Council

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Still no date for Libya's UN-brokered government of national accord announced Dec 17 to enter the country

Int-backed Prez. Council [PM+6 deputies & 3 state ministers] went 2 Zliten 2 pay respects, now stuck.

GNC president Abusahmain is reportedly told he was persona non grata in & not allowed in as PM Serraj arrives there.

Summary of Mogherini comments in 1st briefing: discussed concrete ways to support , €100 mil. Set aside to help, security a challenge

has claimed bombing. Allegedly carried out by Abdullah al-Muhajr. (yet another foreign IS fighter) (1/2)

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U.N. Yemen envoy suggests Geneva location for peace talks

rescinds expulsion of U.N. rights official
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Yemen may not like UN reporting cluster-bomb use but it happened:
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released video showing its operations in Taiz,

expanding governance, enforcing strict sharia in al Mukalla
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Saudi, Iran Diplomatic Split Could Spark Street-Level Sectarian Strife

embassy in "intact, spreading false allegations" says Ahmed Al-Asseri

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