Sunday, January 17, 2016

MENA Report - ( January 17 , 2016 ) 1. Iran achieves Implementation Day - Outcome For Oil In Near Term Cloudy. 2. Iraq/ Syria Updates Of Note. 3. Libya Battlefield & Political Items. 4. ISIS / Al Qaeda / Taliban / Extremist Jihadists Updates. 5. Yemen In Focus. 6. Refugee Related Items.

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Iran Sanctions Lifted: IAEA Affirms Full Compliance 

Pentagon Admits Killing More Iraq, Syria Civilians

29 Killed as al-Qaeda Attacks Burkina Faso Hotel

Al-Shabaab Overruns Somalia Base, 63 Kenya Troops Killed

Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Urges End to Militancy After Diyala Attacks

Pentagon Releases Video of US Bombing 'Millions' in ISIS Cash

Norway Tells 5,500 Migrants Who Arrived on Bikes to Ride Back Across the Border to Russia

German Town Bans Male Refugees From Swimming Pool

Facing Partial Eviction, Migrants Scramble in Calais 'Jungle'

European Rights Body 'Deeply Concerned' at Danish Migrant Rule Reforms

Turkey Allows Syrian Refugees to Work Legally for First Time

Blast Sparks Fire at Major Oil Pipeline in Yemen


ICYMI: Kicks Off Plan to Boost Exports as Sanctions Lifted via

MUST READ: 's Will Just Make Life Worse for Gulf Rivals

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Iraq/ Syria......

Sources: Three Americans kidnapped by militias in Baghdad

New in Islamic State admin docs:full translation of the decision to reduce all fighters salaries by 50%

Can rival groups form an alliance to retake the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, Iraq?

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US-led air campaign against Iraq started 25 yrs ago today - nearly 3000 planes, 116k sorties, six carriers. Impossible today

ISIL abducts over 400 in east Syria after deadly assault

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Regional tension has to be contained with the beginning of ’s talks.. .


Suicide bomber targets police chief in Yemen's Aden, kills 7

Security Director Shalal Unharmed, 2 Of His Body Guards Killed In A Car Bomb Attack -Report.
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National Sovereignty Bloc in Parliament say UN envoy did not take their observations, call for return to square one

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Kobler tells Ageila Saleh that Parliament has 10 days to make decision after final unity govt is approved

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Reuters: Rival parliaments & other groups didn't back UN agreement. Unclear when & how a new gov will be estd

Fayez al-Seraj delays trip to due to continuing dispute on the formation of 's unity government.
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Following the killing of an militant in over the last few days, responds with the crucifixion of 1 resident

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What happens if runs out of money? on 📻:

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