Sunday, January 24, 2016

Economic News & Views ( January 24 , 2016 ) Post " Snowzilla " Updates For Sunday .... 1. Middle East Markets Rebound On Sunday . 2. Saudi Arabia's Potential IPO of Part of Armco Will NOT Include Its Oil Reserves. 3. Russia Blocking Both BTC-e and Bitstamp. 4. Refugee/ Economic Migration / Border Security / Schengen Discussion Points & News. 5. Broader Brush Coverage - Europe In Focus - Greece / UK / Germany / Poland / Netherlands / Ukraine / Moldavia / Denmark / Norway / Italy Items Of Interest.

Updates - Sunday Data & News from Asia.....

Japan December Exports - grim tidings.

Japan Dec. trade miss: Imports -18% (est-16.4%,12th straight y/y fall) Exports -8% (-7%) Exports to China -8.6% Trade surplus 140.2B (117B)

China's official news agency warns forex speculators: if u want to short RMB the road ahead for u will be "dead end"
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JAPAN'S 2015 TRADE DEFICIT IS 2.8T YEN. Abenomics wins again

Emerging Nations Items......

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According to PBOC, Chinese banks lent out over CNY1.7 trillion in first half of January - SCMP

Sanctions lifted, 's Rouhani heads to Europe to drum up business

Syrian troops seize rebel-held town in Latakia via Strong advance of Syrian Army in Latakia includes Rabia

Price change over past year. Gold: -9.1% Silver: -11.2% Copper: -26% Iron ore: -42% Nickel: -43% Aluminum: -18.3% Steel: -57% Coal: -17.3%

Price change over last 24 hours of trading. Crude oil: +8.3% Brent crude oil: +9.7% Gasoline: +3.1% Ethanol: +1.5%
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State Council: Cut crude steel production capacity by 100 ~ 150 mln tonnes, stopped any new coal and steel projects!

MIDEAST STOCKS-Bourses set to rebound as oil, global equities rallies - Zawya via

MIDEAST STOCKS-Saudi, Egypt surge more than 3 pct in early trade - Zawya via

UPDATE 1-Saudi Aramco chairman says IPO could be open to international markets - Arabiya TV - Zawya via

chief tells Al Arabiya: IPO will not include reserves:

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's central bank pressured to prevent yuan dive while easing monetary conditions

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TURKEY: Polish reporter in Diyarbakir reports that Turkish military fired at him & his colleague without warning.

Jordanian troops in deadly shootout on Syrian border

Firefighters battle to quell fire after attack, will end up costing 3 MILLION barrels of oil

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Interim Govt Spokesman: The government has not and will not request any military ground intervention in

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7 hours ago

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2 big suicide car bomb incidents in Anbar killing 48 ISF total

GA Sistani expressing much disappointment with politicians for 2nd week running, some things worse than pre-2003

Refugee / Economic Migrant situation / Border Security Situation In Europe

Protesters march against Greece-Turkey border fence

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Europe not completely hostile to refugees....

Wrong time to party: German night clubs ban from entry

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In Europe and at home, Angela Merkel’s refugee policy is being blown away

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Merkel's party, sliding in polls, weighs German 'border centres'

Stumbling block: Germany, Turkey in rift over amid flow bargaining

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Germany rejects about 10 percent of migrants: minister

Threat for Greece to be suspended from Schengen linked to Austria&Germany's border controls deadline via

Russia says closed Norway border post to migrants for 'security' reasons

EU leaders warn migrant crisis could DESTROY Europe and call for 'emergency refugee brake'

Christine Lagarde: ‘Make or Break’ Point for Schengen
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Police arrest 24 after migrants stormed ferry temporarily closing Port of Calais

- The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan: A First Hand View - Huffington Post: Huffington PostThe ...

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Pegida meets with European allies in the Czech republic

Fri: Hungary's Orban says build fences north of to stop migrants
Sat: Austria's Mikl-Leitner says exclude GR from

Greece faces yet another 'exit' as Austria suggests that should be temporary excluded from .


: Economic costs of temporary border controls would be considerable
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Europe In Focus ......

Grexit choice explored last year but Tsipras was not co... via

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Spain’s population falls for third year running as number of foreigners leaving continues to rise

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MP furious after small town is named murder capital of Britain

This is going to get uglier & uglier... New elections in spring ?

Does Greece have any large payments looming to ECB or IMF which it can't pay w/o a tranche payment in the Spring ?

Much earlier Like end of Feb beginning of March Q1 has a prim deficit target Regling has cleared in last EG

Longstanding issues over access to data for security and intelligence purposes draws out talks

doesn’t need grand visions, but results. The needs to deliver,” says PM .

Italy’s prime minister is picking fights with Germany and the EU

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diplomats talk aboout extending asset freezes on former Ukrainian regime and over .

After sanctions the now wants to ship gas from via as an alternative to gas.

Good morning.What did I learn @ ? Elite struggle for answers to crises. Middle Class to vanish. Inflation dead
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There is no practical or economic link between and the says think tank

’s government defends its changes to constitutional tribunal and law in a letter to .

Domestic pressure is mounting for to extend border control checks.

Pro- protesters storm parliament over pro- course.

[Ticker] Soros funds Dutch Yes campaign in Ukraine vote -

mulling proposal to send troops to to border to help manage the inflow of .

state premier threatens to take 's government to court over welcoming .

Wolfgang caqlls for on to strengthen 's external borders.

[Opinion] A new anti- bloc is emerging: , , Republic, and .

to seize anything worth more than €1,340, including cash, from .

countries that play unfair tricks must not profit twice says Parliament.

says that - row could play into ’s hands

lawmakers to investigate in dedicated committee.

says that end of in would cost €3bn a year in lost business.

presses to reduce the number of coming to , but Turkey wants more money.