Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( January 19 , 2016 ) Overview - ( 1. Every Equity Index Below Its 200 - Day Moving Average. 2. Commodity Crush - % Below All Time Highs . 3. Symbiotic Relation Between Brent Oil & The Russian Ruble. ) Asia / Emerging Nations ( 1. Turkey Items Of Note. 2. China Items - Yuan / Market Fluctuations/ Economic Items. 4. MENA Items - Syria / ISIS / Libya In Focus . 4. Refugee Related Items. 5. Iran vs Saudi Arabia - Political and Oil Battles . 6. Commodity Crush Items - Emerging Nation Related Items. 7. Currency Crush Continues To hit Emerging Nations. 8.Tuesday's Odds & Ends ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee Related Items - European Political Aspects. 2. Russian Reserves At Risk Of Being Run down in 18 Months Says Bill Browder. 3. Greece Items Of Note - Economy / Troika./ Refugee Situation 4.Odds & Ends )

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Every equity index in the world is below its 200-day moving average. Only more QE/negative rates can save us.

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% Below All-Time High

Nat Gas: 86% Crude: 80% Silver: 72% Sugar: 68% Coffee: 66% Copper: 58% Lumber: 50% Gold: 43%

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Russian Ruble and Crude at new lows.
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Asia / Emerging Nations...

U.S. Ally Turkey Arrests Academics For The Crime Of Signing A Peace Petition

Hedge fund manager that called subprime crisis says yuan should devalue 50% this year, to "draw a line in the sand"

ISIS showing weakness , by way of their reactions ?

Saudi Arabia and Iran have a new thing to fight over: oil exports to China.
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EIA Chief Adam Sieminski speaking at Senate hearing: "Oil Prices May Reach $20/Bbl Range Before Rising"

Turkish could be official language
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China Is Getting Less and Less Bang for Its Credit Buck

Azerbaijan Tightens Currency Controls as Oil Feeds Crisis

Bayda Municipal Council asks Interim Gov to leave city in 24 hours due to lack of progress to fix electricity issues
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| *DJ Iran Cuts Oil Prices in North West Europe, Mediterranean in Feb; *DJ Iran Oil Price Cuts Similar to Saudi Reductions

Distinction between legit Opposition & Terrorist Groups still an open issue.

GDP Slows to Weakest Since 2009 on Manufacturing Slide.

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’s economic growth slowest in 25 years in 2015.

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Europe .....

Dutch Politician: Male Refugees Are "Testosterone Bombs," Must Be Locked Up To Save Women From "Sexual Jihad"

Market faces “too much oil” in 2016: Glencore Chairman Tony Hayward speaking in Davos. How about copper?

If EU can't get act together in 2 months, passport-free Schengen will collapse: EU's Tusk

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Commission to scrap Dublin requirement for asylum seekers to be processed in arrival state /via

That's . Just ran into Bill Browder. And guess what? He sees to run out of money within 18mths.

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Merkel’s Coalition under Pressure as Anti-Immigrant AfD Poised to Gain in State Elections

Acc to Bill Browder, 's already diminished FX and gold reserves are overstated by at least $150bn.

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Police beg revellers not to dress as terrorists or cowboys this year

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In Finland, militia groups are patrolling towns housing asylum seekers in the name of protecting white Finnish women

From bad to worse , pace increasing as expected.

Tobruk-based parliament (int. recognised) to vote Monday on unity government. No date yet for Tripoli-based parliament vote.

Greek Finance Minister warns quick disbursement of bailout funds needed to avoid another Greek crisis

607 have been rescued in the Mediterranean and brought to Italy since January 1st. Migrants arrived in Greece are 31,244

Big decline for Merkel's CDU/CSU Party in a new poll. Refugee crisis really impacting German politics.

Glencore 5-year CDS at new multi-year wides: 1131 bps.
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Tsipras, Mitsotakis find little common ground in first meeting

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Pavlopoulos Meets Draghi, Says Greece’s Partners Must Also Fulfill Promises on Debt

Greek Centrist leader nixes call for alliance

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Two-day strike to keep Greek ferries at anchor

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Greek Migration Min: Refugees See Greece as a Transit Country

Mouzalas slams Turkish failure to curb migrant flow as EU calls for completion of hotspots
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IMF Stance on Pension Reform Irks Greek Finance Minister

Greece Must Set Up Refugee Hotspots Urgently, Migration Commissioner Says

Pensioners rally against reforms

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Doctors Without Borders raps attempts by EU countries to deter migrants

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Refugee hotspots need to be ready in four weeks, says EU’s migration commissioner