Saturday, December 26, 2015

MENA Report ( December 26 - 27 ) Iraq / Syria Regional War ( ISIS losing ground in both Iraq and Syria even as ISIS Leader al- Baghdadi releases audiotape lashing out at Israel / Russia / Syria / Iraq / The West and anyone else he could think of , battlefield and political updates of note ) Libya Updates ( Battlefield , political and ISIS updates of note )

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Key Syrian Islamist Leader Killed in Airstrike

Iraq PM: Mosul Is Next Target After Ramadi

Corruption Fuels Afghan Losses in Helmand

2,000 Islamist Fighters to Be Relocated From Metro Damascus

ISIS Claims Counterattacks, Ambushes in Ramadi

ISIS Claims Counterattacks, Ambushes in Ramadi

German FM Defends ISIS War, Insists 'No Boots on the Ground'

Ramadi Battles Continue: 240 Killed Across Iraq

US Reports 31 Strikes Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Syrian Minister Says World Powers Must Stop Fighters Entering From Turkey and Jordan

Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Sistani Calls for the Release of Qatari Hunters Kidnapped in Iraq

US Companies Test the Waters in Iran as Sanctions Lifted Soon

Russia Reportedly to Begin Delivery of S-300 to Iran in Coming Weeks


Syria / Iraq / Turkey .....

Erdogan refuses to cooperate with anti-Daesh intelligence HQ

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ISIS leader says "caliphate" well, mocks Saudi-led alliance:

Terrorist group Daesh leader al-Baghdadi threatens to attack Israel
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Kurds march in Germany against 'Turkish state terror'

Middle East Eye: UN aims to start Syria peace talks on 25 January

BREAKING - PKK-affiliated terrorist group claims responsibility for Istanbul airport attack

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Kurds, Arabs seize key Syria dam from IS: group

More than 70 dead in rebel assault in northern Syria: monitor
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BREAKING: air forces conducted 168 sorties, hit 190 terrorist targets

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PHOTO: Detaching links between -occupied and , units now fully secure Tishrin Dam, Dec 26
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1/3 'n Democratic Forces clear remaining extent near Tishrin Dam as they pushed off the strategic region today in S

2/3 Large numbers of IEDs are set up in the area as this turns into ’ last resort, units continue a quick advance since Dec. 23

3/3 After losing the dam, elements are reported to be fleeing the town in , western Euphrates. Statements to follow.

troops overcome bombed bridges, booby traps to penetrate center...

Iraq's prime minister pledges to recapture the country's second city of Mosul from Isis

ISIS tweets may be lost but the State should be preserved!


Airstrike this morning in Ajdabiya from Jarroushi. Hit a coffeeshop & workshop. 3 killed, 17 injured; all innocent, most from


Media reports on UN's agreement r misleading. Only 19 Libyans signed. Some others staged later as "witnesses"

Misrata's "Mujahideen of Libya" pledge allegiance to Daesh

PM of UN's new gov reads speech on TV. Says his gov is from consensus--says this from *outside* the country 😫

Interior Ministry: /Daesh now has 4000 to 5000 fighters in . Many foreign fighters came recently

Media reports that 50 fishermen were kidnapped by militias & taken to Zuwara. MFA says they were arrested by Libyan coast guard...