Wednesday, December 16, 2015

MENA Report ( December 16 - 17 , 2015 )...... Iraq / Syria Regional War ( Battlefield and Political Updates ) ...... Libya In Focus ( Security will be a key moving forward , whether or not the UN secures the signing of its long desired " Unity Gov't Agreement " on Thursday - that the leaders of both rival Parliaments - the HoR and GNC oppose this , not a good sign ) ...... Yemen Regional Proxy War In focus ( Ceasefire already crumbling in Yemen ? )


Iraq Rebuffs US Assistance in Ramadi Fight

Saudis Pound Yemen as Ceasefire Falters

Nations Deny Joining Saudi Anti-ISIS Coalition

Russia, West Still at Odds Headed Into Syria Talks

Kerry: US Not Seeking Regime Change in Syria

Pentagon: ISIS Operationally Active in Afghanistan

Why Washington Ignored Torture by Iraqi Militias

IAEA Chief: Iran Working at 'High Speed' on Nuclear Deal

Libya's Rival Parliaments Holding Separate Negotiations

Saudis, Other Gulf States Mull Sending Troops to Syria

Russian Airstrikes Kill 39 Civilians in Northern Syria

Russia Identifies Syrian Rebel Factions It Is Backing

207 Killed Across Iraq; Qatari Royal Family Members Kidnapped

Syria Deal Should Not Hinge on Assad's Fate: UN's Ban

Russian MPs Say Syria Campaign Won't End Quickly

European States 'Complicit' in Illegal Deportation of Syrian, Iraq Refugees

Hundreds of Migrants Storm Calais Motorway Attempting to Board Lorries Heading to the UK

Merkel Tells Cameron No Chance of Deal on Free Movement and Migrant Benefits Ahead of EU Referendum Crunch Talks

Lebanon Presidential Election Shelved Until January 7

US Congress Votes to Sanction Banks Doing Business With Hezbollah

79 Killed in Iraq as Baghdad Continues Bickering With Ankara

Iraq Says Turkey Must Pull Out All Its Troops After Partial Withdrawal

France Uses Cruise Missiles Against ISIS in Iraq for First Time

Syria Conflict: US and Russia Signal New Push at UN

UN-Sponsored Yemen Peace Talks Start, Ceasefire Takes Effect

Syria / Iraq Regional War.....

Syrian opposition pushes the on the urgent need for civilian protection.

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Situation Map In , Releases Map Shows Pro-Government Forces Advancing In 3 Axis-

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In Dramatic Reversal, US Vice President Biden Calls On Turkey To Withdraw Its Troops From Iraq

Italy to send 450 troops to protect Iraq’s Mosul dam

Gunmen with machine guns snatched Qatari royals from their camp in Iraq at 3am

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The Int'l Syria Support Group will meet in NY on Dec. 18 for a political solution: chief

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Don’t rely on Syria’s ‘moderate fighting force. It doesn’t exist | Mowaffaq Safadi

Russian Air Force strikes 'large' ISIS base in Syria after opposition provides coordinates

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Kerry: US not seeking Assad ouster, just thinks "unlikely" he leads successful transition. Note rhetorical shifts /2

Pro Opp source leaks supposed list of 21 rebel groups in that will be designated as terrorists by

Libya .......

when the UN asked the GNC & HOR to unite against a common foreign enemy, it probably meant IS (not the UN)

"All the questions which are still open, they have to be discussed after the signature now." -UN envoy Kobler with Hafter, 7:08

Some very angry souls in today - lets hope the National Unity Government doesn't have to go to war to get back into Tripoli.

Confusion tonight re status of unity government. 1) The UN document says only valid when House of Representatives (Tobruk) signs it.

's GNC president Abusahmain says today's signing of the political agreement in Skhirat is "void". HoR prez didn't make any comments.

No, Gov will be formed within 30 days. Only presidential council named now.

UNSMIL's met w/ Gen. Khalifa Hefter in East . video of meeting & joint presser, released by army:

- Huge expectations tomorrow and even bigger challenges ahead. Priorities need to be set in the right order for the next government.

- Haftar says they're mainly concerned with security & army related issues & these have formed the bulk of the discussions w Kobler.

- Haftar praises for its commitment and seriousness in fighting terrorism in the region. Welcome efforts by all nations.

placing barriers, digging trenches in Nufaliyah in fear of future air strikes.

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- stage is all set for the signing of 's political agreement tomorrow. How much support will it have on the ground is not clr.

Both of Libya's governments continue to reject UN deal

UN confirms Libya peace plan will be signed tomorrow Morocco. Key will be which parties sign and which do not.

Reports of clashes between Ghenewa & Misrata brigades near Airport Road, loud shootings & RPGs can be heard

Among them Madhakali Salafis now supporting Hiftar & fighting for him in Benghazi. and its complexities...


Saudi-led air strikes target Yemen's Houthis despite ceasefire - residents

Urgent support needed to provide health services for 15 million people in Yemen – UN: 16 December 2015 – The U...

UK fuelling Yemen civil war with arms sales to Saudi Arabia, says Amnesty

Coalition forces: Yemen truce could collapse

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Dozens are dead across Yemen as a day-old ceasefire crumbles:

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