Sunday, December 13, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( December 13 , 2015 ) Europe in Focus ( French Regional Elections Second Round Today , Spain Election Items Of Note , UK - Brexit Becoming More Viable As Cameron Negotiation Flounders , Greece Updates - Greece Review and Role Of IMF A Key / Greece Refugee Issues & Concerns Mount / Brent Falling , Falling , Falling / Germany In Focus - Protests Not Just Far right But Also the Left Roil Germany / Refugee Issue A Key Concern Of German People / Political Tension Mount For Merkel And CDU , Irish Election Item , Climate Accord Item , Polish Gov't Protest ) ..... Emerging Nations & Asia In Focus ( Saudi Economic Items of Note As Oil Roils GCC Generally , Argentia Items of Note , West Big Plans For Fractured Libya complicated by Political complications )

Emerging Nations and Asia......


China's Currency Continues To Tumble As AsiaPac Credit Markets Plunge, EM Stocks Lowest Since 2009

Missing chairman mystery solved, but Fosun International stock -13.5% in HK pre-market, Shanghai Fosun -13.1% after trading halt on Friday.


lowers the CNY fix to its weakest since July 2011


Lost & found- Fosun chairman Guo Guangchang has gone home after assisting probe (said to be into fmr Shanghai vice-mayor Ai Baojun)

225 extends declines to trade lower by 3%

markets open lower led by energy weakness after last week's 10% declines in crude prices weigh on energy stocks and risk sentiment

Adidas wants to make sneakers with more robots and fewer Chinese factories via

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Japan picked over China to build India's high-speed rail link in $15-billion deal

Fosun International tries to reassure investors, as chairman Guo Guangchang held by police

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Markets face renewed sell-off;oil below $40 saps risk appetite: Middle East markets face further sell-offs on ...

Middle-East Opens Weak: Dubai Stocks Slump To 2-Year Lows As Financials Tumble

A rocky road to the Casa Rosada: Things haven't been easy for Argentina's new president
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Macri meets governors amid change of tone for Argentina: Buenos Aires: Argentina`s new Preside...


Euro starts unchg to the week as ’s National Front failed to win any regional assemblies in runoff elections

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France Election Update - participation jumps higher !

underway in key vote. Will end up strongest party? Polls close at 8:00. Updates on .

Turnout in second round of French regional elections was 19.59% at noon, interior ministry says -…

French regional elections: voting begins as polls suggest far right will struggle

French vote for regions with an electorate battered by near-record unemployment.

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French regional election tests far-right strength

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Risk premium of over Italy rises as Spain's new parties gain ground ahead of election

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Greek review must be completed with IMF on board, top EU official tells after gov criticism of Fund's role

Gov’t seeks help with migrants as tensions rise

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Cameron prepared to drop key EU welfare demand - reports via

Cameron in humiliating back down on EU renegotiation as over half of Conservative Party MPs set to back Brexit

Cameron mocked over threat to leave EU over migrant workers' benefits | Daily Mail -

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The five routes to a Brexit: how the UK might leave the European Union

leads slump in Mideast stocks after sinks to 2008-Low. DFM at lowest since 2013.

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69 police officers injured in leftist protestors’ riot in eastern German city of Leipzig

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Dozens of German police officers injured in clash with left-wing protesters

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62% of Germans are favor of a limit to number of refugees country can take in, BamS reported ahead of CDU congress.

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Good morning from Berlin where Merkel prepares important speech as she faces critics at CDU congress in Karlsruhe over open-door refugee pol

Irish PM's party strengthens poll lead as elections near

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With landmark climate accord, world marks turn from fossil fuels

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Thousands march against Polish government as constitutional spat drags on

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Danes struggle to recover EU cooperation on policing post No vote

Big Plans for Libya.....

Eye on Islamic State, Western powers coax Libyans to accord

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Ahead of Rome conference Tripoli-based government rejects UN plan and disowns those who signed it

Report: Isis fighters briefly enter a major Libyan ppl-smuggling hub to retrieve one of their captured fighters.

- HoR/GNC presidencies have both prevented democratic votes from taking place on political agreement, but everyone wants to move on.

- Rome conference is meant to bring together moderates from the HoR/GNC with or without approval from HoR/GNC presidencies.

Great use of our data in the today! What is at stake in talks?
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