Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( November 24 , 2015 ) - Russian Jet Shot Down Over Syria - Definitely the Lead Story for The Day ........ Europe In Focus ( Quicks Hits From Germany - Refugee Crisis Solutions Trump Balanced Budget For 2016 , Bomb Blast Outside Hellenic Federation Of Enterprises In Greece , State Aid Of 5.7 BN Needed For Piraeus And National Banks , Brexit item , Negative Interest Rate Bond News - Switzerland , Germany And Spain , German IFO Rises to 109 , Euro Moving In Direction Of Parity To Dollar , Commodities Items Of The Day , Asia Market Update And Look Forward To Tuesday ! )

Evening wrap....

Turkey & Russia Situation....

Things to consider regarding Turkey & ISIS. Turkey's alleged support&cooperation w/ISIS will be under microscope ...

If you get past headline and dig into details , this fund is " aspirational " with no guarantees of fullfillment. 1

Russia Suspends Military Cooperation With Turkey, Will Use Warships To "Destroy Any Threats To Russian Planes"

Russia gives its updates as to today's events. Fwiw


5 hours ago

BREAKING: Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger

Gloves coming off , Russia revealing Erdogan's son allegedly involved in ISIS oil trade.

Hollande: Matter of urgency to close the border between Turkey and Syria.

In addition to process, possible economic repercussions. Reports: has blocked gas supplies & commercial flights to .

Finally Putin gets his casus to wipe out FSA as well and restore order in Syria.

Right. Considering FSA is now official enemy of Russia, any states supporting FSA also can be legitimate targets of Russia.


Parliament ratified 12 legislative acts.

Athens on edge after explosion severely damages buildings

Brussels maintains lockdown, my take on Belgian's insecurity on

Germany to start deporting asylum seekers to western Balkans

Commission deposit insurance scheme unlikely to fly w Germany, could see replay of single resolution fund debate

Latest update from Belgium's federal prosecutor on Paris attacks investigation and arrests
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German daily reporting that suicide bomber was registered as a refugee in Bavaria.

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862,901 people have arrived to Europe, by sea in 2015. 3485 are dead or missing.

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First stage of power bridge to Crimea to be commissioned on December 20 — Energy Minister

Russia to halt gas supplies to Ukraine over Crimea blackout
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- 1.9M in Europe's Capital Told Lockdown Won't End for Week

Morning Items.......

NATO In Play ?

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Russian plane shot down by Turkey ?

LATEST: Turkey shoots down Russian Su-24 warplane near border with Syria

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Turkey says its fighter jets shot down the Russian warplane; Russia says jet was brought down by ground fire


The Russian jet's pilots landed in a rebel-controlled area of Syria, sources told NBC News

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. "in touch with the Turkish authorities" after downing of Russian warplane

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What is next after shooting down the Russian warplane by Turkey?
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Russia FM cancels his scheduled visit to Ankara

Kremlin says plane crash is 'very serious incident'.




's Schäuble: Aiming for Balanced Budget In 2016 If Possible BUT Tackling Migration Crisis More Important Than Balanced Budget. (DJ)

Earlier today, there was a bomb blast outside the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises in Greece following phone call.

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Greece's Piraeus, National Banks Need EUR5.7 Bln In Eurozone Aid – RTRS

| Sells CHF268.95 Mln 91-Day Bills; Yield -1.27%
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's Nov Ifo rose to 109.0. Suggests business community dismiss VW scandal, Points to German YoY growth of >2%
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| Spain's 3M bills out of ECB reach...sold 3M Bills; Avg Yield: -0.229%

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Another day, another low. 's 2y yields hit fresh low at -0.4% on expectations ECB to cut depo rate to -0.4%.

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MS: German opposition of further QE as expressed by Lautenschläger did not even lead to a slight EUR market reaction

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MS: on course to break $1.0490: Potentially stronger German IFO should do little to support EUR at this stage.

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Dr Copper got out of bed the wrong side. The metal w/ the PhD drops to 7y low.

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Commodity rout continues w/ Copper below 4500 a Tonne and Nickel at 12y low.
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Good morning from Berlin. Asia mkts wobble on a inedible mixture of commodity rout, US travel alert, Dollar strength
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