Saturday, November 21, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( November 21 , 2015 ) - Refugee Crisis In Focus ( Divisions within EUCO , Impact of terror on refugee / economic migrant crisis , Turkey as Kingmaker ) .... Europe In focus ( Brussels on max alert - fear of imminent terror attack , Fear driving controls and imposition of security laws / Constitution changes , Greece in focus - refugee crisis / economic concerns / domestic and international politics / Troika aka Quad politics ) ..... Emerging Nations ( Saudi Arabia , ASEAN , Turkey in focus ) ....... Market Moving Items ( Commodities in key focus , All eyes on the Fed as we ease toward December , US terror attack in the wings over Thanksgiving Holidays ? Time will tell , Currency items , Odd& ends )

Confessions of an ISIS Spy (the full version) must read if you missed it, a rare honest revelatory article

Refugee Crisis .....

Final re-plug: IS and refugee crisis have caused splits within and between EU members. My piece

Terrorism sets its own rules

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Greece, Germany, Turkey set to discuss refugees

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's Merkel rebuked on stage by Bavarian ally in clash over asylum cap.

After the the issue of the resurfaced
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EU response to : Secure borders, share intelligence, tighten weapons regime, track air travelers

France adopts its own Patriot Act after


ISIS activities and western intelligence failures via

FWIW - Be Aware of your surrounding for Sunday ! Paris , as locations in the U.S., Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon.

Greece's registration system is biased towards certain groups, & encourages others to lie about their backgrounds

Threat level 4 in is extremely rare. The threat level in the rest of is currently still at level 3.

Belgian that was arrested in today traveled from Amsterdam to Turkey on 14/11. He might be involved in

UK, Germany, France and The Netherlands are chaging their traveladvice for . Travelers are told to avoid crowded places.

Da defcon2 "carriole a defcon3 "cavallette"

: Maximum alert in - risk of attack with weapons and explosives

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Minister of internal affairs Jan Jambon confirms "that something serious is going on", and that an in is possible

: New Democracy (ND) party - the official opposition in the country - to hold leadership elections tomorrow, Sunday Nov 22.

Major in sends soldiers to the supermarkets. The major of asks the supermarket owners to close their doors

UN chief (and former EU commissioner) lauds 's remarks on migration

El País, El Mundo report very heavy security—"heaviest ever"—for this evening's Real Madrid–Barça match (6:15 p.m.). 1,100 police officers.

EUCOM TRAVEL RESTRICTION to for 72 hours. Applies to all DoD military, civilians/contractors & dependents.

EU pact can handle extra French deficit spending, EU's Moscovici says. 'Stability pact is flexible and intelligent'

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Metro closed in Brussels til Sunday afternoon, football matches cancelled due to info on imminent Paris-type attacks, says Belgian PM

Belgium terror alert linked to a risk of attacks by 'weapons and explosives': PM

Metro completely closed in Brussels for security reasons, no metro or pre-metro - STIB

Brussels on lockdown after intelligence received 'precise information' of Paris-style attack

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border controls 'have to remain an exception':

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Turkey detains Belgian citizen over links to Paris attacks: report

‘Nearly impossible’ to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn

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EU’s Ministers Agree on Changes in Schengen Agreement

Interior Ministry is advising ppl to avoid places where large groups gather, like concerts, sport events, airports, train stations

Abaaoud faked his own death & went back to EU to plan attacks. Makes you wonder: how many more fake their own death and come back?

The Eurozone Reportedly Delays Disbursement of Needed Bailout Funds to Greece

PM's comments on need for accord on key issues fuel speculation

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All four banks to stay private after Piraeus wraps up book-building

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Gaps left in the final 2016 budget draft

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Emerging Nations ......

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Take a look at how easy it is to buy a fake Syrian passport.

ASEAN summit kicks off with security focus

Market Moving Items Of Note ....

Oman pressured by low oil prices and rising budget deficit woes , cut to BBB+ .... one step from junk.

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ALERT: CIA Double Agent Urgently Warns Of Potential Terrorist Attacks In U.S., Likely During Thanksgiving

Global Oil Job Cuts Top Quarter-Million as Rigs at Five-Year Low

Baltic Dry makes another new record low of 498 !!


next week: flash results for , and US, updates in UK and US plus much more:

The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Has Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low 

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Vietnam's Currency Falls a Sixth Week as Fed Rate Hike Draws Near

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