Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MENA Report - ( October 7-8 , 2015 ) .......... Refugee Crisis ......... Iraq / Syria Regional War In Focus ( Russia involvement complicates dynamics in Syria and presents potential additional complications for Iraq - as well as Turkey / Jordan & Lebanon ) ..... Yemen Regional Proxy War ( Rolling along - civilian death meat grinder hasn't changed , prospects for resolution off into the horizon ) ...... Libya In Paralysis And In Focus ( Dialogue Process Cliff-hanger continues and HoR and GNC still haven't come together - optimistic comments from Leon notwithstanding )


US SecDef Predicts Terror Attacks on Russia

NATO to Send More Troops to E. Europe, Citing Russia/Syria

US General: Hospital Was 'Mistakenly Struck'
Commander Urges US to Slow Afghan Drawdown

Russia Seeks US Military Talks on Syria Strikes

ISIS Kills 22, Including 15 Soldiers, In Yemen Attacks

Rebels Down Helicopter in Syria, Unclear If It's Syrian or Russian

Russia, Iran Deny US Claims of Cruise Missiles Crashing on Iran

Syria Expands Western Offensive Backed by Russian Strikes

Mortar Attack on Baquba; 131 Killed Across Iraq

Wary of Escalation in Syria, US Is Waiting Out Putin's Moves

Syrian Militant Group Recasts Itself as Moderate Option

49 Killed in Iraq; Militants Execute Deserters

Russia Says Militants in Syria Are Moving Armor Close to Mosques

Russia Denies Reports of Airstrikes at Syria's Palmyra

Russia Denies Reports of Airstrikes at Syria's Palmyra

Russia Is Not and Will Not Launch Infantry Operations in Syria, Says Senior Lawmaker


Refugee Crisis ....

EU talks tough on deportations amid flood of Syrian refugees

Mideast countries call for help on

French president warns of the "end of Europe" if EU fails to unite over the refugee crisis

German president seeks greater US commitment on refugee crisis

Nearly 100 Migrants Reported Dead Off Libya

More Syrian Refugees Facing Hunger in Jordan Return Home: Charity

Syrian Refugees Increasingly Return to War-Torn Homeland

3 Million More Refugees Could Flee Syria, EU Official Warns

Asylum Shelters in Germany Struggle With Violence

German Authorities Accused of Playing Down Refugee Shelter Sex Crime Reports

Syria / Iraq.....

‘Which side are you fighting for?’ Russia blasts US for refusing to share intel on

Claims that Russia targets civilians in are 'myth' -

Why can't we be friends? Moscow looks - again - to US, Turkey after talks with Israel

VIDEO: Russian Defense Ministry releases footage of warships firing cruise missiles towards targets in .

Saudi Arabia under pressure to defend Syria rebels from Russia - FT good but the Council bit is inaccurate

Obama plucked them from the mountaintop -- but U.S. hasn't been heard from since | Getty

Kurds: ISIS used mustard agent in Iraq


Another wedding party apparently hit in Yemen

Arab coalition faces new IS foe in Yemen conflict

Arab coalition accused of war crimes in Yemen


UN chief Leon to hold press conference shortly re peace process

Leon: No result tonight but we hope that tomorrow we will be able to announce a .

Leon: will be supported by a huge majority of Libyans.

Leon: "there will be no more changes to the text [of the agreement]"

Leon ends press conference: "See you tomorrow and hopefully with good news"

Report: Recognised govt. (Tobruk) dropped objection to UN resolution naval interception of migrant smugglers.

Despite the fixation by some on others - GNC has always been an obstacle for a deal or progress in the peace process.

- Leon says they'll move ahead with the peace agreement and the formation of the Gov & if doesn't join them it is unfortunate.

World Bank: The cost of reconstructing to reach $100 Billion, $170 Billion for .