Saturday, October 17, 2015

MENA Report - ( October 17 -18 , 2015 ) - Syria / Iraq Regional War In Focus , Yemen Proxy War Items Of Note , Afghanistan - Taliban and Militias Haven't Gone Away , Libya Political and Internal conflict In Focus , Refugee Crisis Wrapped Up Into These Conflicts )


30 Yemeni Fighters Killed by Saudi Friendly Fire

Syria Launches Aleppo Offensive Against Rebels

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 21 Houthis, 3 Civilians Across Yemen

Afghan Vow to Expand Dreaded Militias

Turkey Slams Russia and US for Backing of Kurds in Syria

3.2 Million Displaced Iraqis; 55 Killed in Battles, Attacks

Iraq Shows Off Airstrike by New Chinese-Made Combat Drone

Russia Says Has Agreed All Technical Questions for Syria Flight Safety With US

Russia Establishes Contact With Turkey, Israel on Syria Flights

Obama Says No Meeting of Minds With Russia on Syria

Merkel Defends 'Transit Zones' to Better Cope With Refugee Influx

German Refugee Center Burns Amid Shift in Public Mood on Migrants

Croatia Says It Has Agreed Plan on Migrants With Slovenia

Turkey Grumbles as EU Hails Deal to Stem Migration

Greece Says Will Support Turkey on Migrants, but Not at Any Cost


Syria / Iraq Regional War.....


ISIS seems to be in disarray in Iraq -Russian destruction of ISIS capabilities in Syria may be spilling over to Iraq

Iraqi forces advance against ISIS on three fronts

BREAKING: Russian jets target 51 facilities in 24 hours - Defense Ministry

Russian Air Force destroyed 4 command centers. 6 depots, 2 bunkers, 32 field camps in - MoD briefing

Destroyed underground fortified positions in had strategic importance for

airstrike on Jaish Al-Fatah's command post disrupts group's coordination, makes them leave battlefield

Senior Al-Qaeda leader killed in Syria airstrike

Russia not asked for military assistance by Iraq yet – Foreign Ministry


Exclusive: Report from Latakia's sprawling refugee camps

New from ISW. Latest airstrikes in . Support across 6 provinces in 10 days.

what is needed in Syria is not more bombing. Snp will not support military action

Turkey and Saudi Arabia say Russia is delaying a 'transition process' in Syria

Russian air force makes 36 sorties, hits 49 targets in Syria

Syrian army, backed by Iranian fighters, advance south of Aleppo: monitor

US-led coalition launches 19 airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

Libya ........


Group of Misrata militias reject UN unity government plan


U.N. threatens sanctions over Libya

Fierce fighting b/w Farj & LNA in Al-Taweel area 35 km west of . There were also airstrikes against LNA positions in Subratha

- reports of Libya Dawn air strikes on LNA positions near Sabratha - this armed escalation is the last thing the dialogue needs.

Rally Misrata supporting UN unity govt. plan

Clashes erupt in western Libya following Gaddafi loyalists meeting

Protest in support of UN unity govt. plan Ajdabiya

Photos from anti-political agreement Dawn Samood Front military parade in yesterday

Salah Badi's Sumood Front militia announces rejection of 's national reconciliation govt announced by the UN

Protest against UN unity govt. plan Tripoli, Friday

Pro-Khalifa Haftar protesters flock to Al-Keesh Square in Benghazi to denounce Leon's proposed unity government.

Benghazi protest against Leon's "unity" gov and ever-changing agreement: Crowd not deterred by rocket attacks

Anti-Unity Gov proposal gathering in . Demonstrators calling HoR to pull out of the dialogue.