Thursday, September 10, 2015

MENA Report - ( September 10 -11th , 2015 ( - Iraq / Syria Regional War ( State Of Play From Battlefields , ISIS / Al Qaeda interplays / Governmental Issues / Transitions ) .... Libya In Focus ..........Yemen items of note ........Refugee Crisis In focus ....


GOP Revolt Delays Iran Deal House Vote

Report: Taliban Commander Defects to ISIS

Al-Qaeda Seizes Syria Airbase, 100 Troops Killed

Egypt Denies Reports of Sending Ground Troops to Yemen

Al-Qaeda Chief Calls ISIS Illegitimate, But Suggests Cooperation

Wild Guesses About ISIS Fuel US Official Hysteria

Russia: No Secret We Have Military Advisers in Syria

Airstrike Takes Out Militant Base in Anbar; 139 Killed Across Iraq

Coalition Destroys ISIS Hub in Massive Blast

Iraq's Abadi Dismisses 123 Senior Officials as Part of Reforms: Statement

Russia Complains of 'Strange Hysteria' Over Presence in Syria

Moscow Says Has Greek, Iranian Approval for Syria Flights

David Cameron: 'Hard Military Force' Needed Over Syria

UK Softens Tone Against Syria's Assad, Moots Transition Period

Norway Says Won't Pay Ransom for Man Held Hostage by ISIS

Syrians Seek a Legal Route to Europe Without Perilous Boats

Refugees Face Frosty Reception in Europe's Ex-Communist East

As Europe Opens Its Doors, Japan Considers Clamping Down Harder on Asylum Seekers


Iraq / Syria / Turkey

UK’s new Syria strategy: More airstrikes against IS, keep Assad in power for transition period

Narrow majority of Dutch MPs back bombing Syria: A narrow majority of Dutch MPs support the direct bombing of ...

| A Turkish soldier is killed in Reyhanli, Syrian border town by fire shot from /via | ← Jabhat al-Nusra territory.

Dozens of intelligence analysts reportedly claim assessments of ISIS were altered

's predominantly Kurdish southeast region faces economic collapse in rekindled Turkey- conflict

Musings On Iraq Iraq’s Speaker Of Parliament Gets Into Trouble Over Attending Qatar Conference

Prosecutors accuse Selahattin Demirtas, who has called on PKK to cease all attacks, of 'making terrorist propaganda'

Rebels Take Last Government Airbase in Idlib, and other news in today's Executive Summary:

Syria 2008: 2nd in the world for refugees hosted. 2015: 1st in the world for refugees produced.

On what ground? That she wrote things the AKP didn't like? Imagine if European countries were to do same?


Car bomb hits 's prison detaining Qadhafi-era officials

Yemen ......

Coalition raids hit militia targets in :

Arab coalition steps up attacks on Houthi positions in Sanaa

a war so hidden that foreign journalists are forced to smuggle themselves by boat into the country to report

Almost 100,000 children starving in Yemen's al-Hodeidah

Refugees .......

Devastating photos of the refugee crisis:

Denmark CLOSES its border with Germany due to migrant crisis

8 ways Germany is leading the response to the refugee crisis

Europe's refugee crisis has spawned a billion-dollar industry

refugee crisis: ‘We must ensure we don’t let in extremists’ – M. East expert

Czech Politician Has "Solution" For Refugee Crisis - Concentration Camps

Syrian crisis: Australia's treatment of refugees questioned ahead of extra intake of 12,000

Yemen, the World’s Next Great Refugee Crisis

New data: Syria’s neighbours are buckling under the strain. Other countries must play their part in refugee crisis

Blog: The Iraq war - The root of Europe's refugee crisis