Thursday, September 17, 2015

MENA Report - Key Focus Areas : Iraq/ Syria Regional War ; Yemen Regional Proxy War ; Iran Nuclear Deal Items Of Note ; Libya - GNC & HoR Reconciliation Updates , Political State Of Play Generally.


Yemeni PM, Ministers Return From Exile to Aden

US Has '4 or 5' Syrians Left Fighting Against ISIS

Centcom Chief Denies Skewing ISIS War Intel

Key Senators Spurn Revisions to Iran Sanctions Bill

53 Killed in Iraq as Two Lawmakers Escape Kidnapping Attempt

Baiji Mayor Blames Govt for Iraqi Military Failure

Syria's UN Diplomat Supports Idea of Russian Airstrikes

Assad Calls on Syrian Rebels to Join Him in Fight Against ISIS

ISIS Syria Advance Pushes France to Begin Air Strikes

Australian Jets Complete First Attack Against ISIS in Syria

Refugees Seeking New Route to Safety in Europe Could Be Forced Through Croatia Minefields

Border Closings Are Leaving Desperate Migrants Trapped in the Balkans

Serbian PM Urges EU to React to 'Brutal' Hungarian Behavior

Refugees Find Paths Around Hungary Amid Clashes on Blocked Border

Avoiding Hungary, Migrants Leave Serbia for Croatia

UN Weighs Authorizing EU Migrant Mission in Libyan High Seas


Iraq / Syria / Jordan / Turkey

in - the hidden enemy surfaces:

IS using bases in S. Salahaddin Diyala N. Babil & rural areas of Baghdad province to send car bombs into capital

Great in-depth case study on N. Iraqi tribal/political motivations by & Co - alternatives to IS

INTERVIEW: Russia’s visible presence in Latakia.

When I visited them I saw 3 incl commander: "US says there r only '4 or 5' US-trained rebels fighting ISIS in Syria"


Both PKK and AKP want HDP to be weakened, interviews

Erdo─čan aims at with unveiled criticism on

‘Half of Syria’s population is displaced — either in Syria or in other countries.’ Andrew Tabler

The vast majority of Syrian refugees are hosted in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.


Yes , it really does appear the Dialogue is in serious danger of being derailed ....

Note GNC Gov't in Tripoli still controls oil sales , as compared with HoR Gov't in Tobruk...

- says dialogue to conclude in two days - HoR says it rejects the amendments to the agreement that was signed few wks ago.

East Libya to punish oil firms backing rival government

U.S. Department of State Issues Travel Warning for Near Anniversary