Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MENA Report ( August 18-19th , 2015 ) - Iraq/ Syria Regional War + Turkey Intervention in focus.... Yemen Regional Proxy War - no safe places for civilians as onslaught continues..... Iran Nuclear Deal Items of the day .... Af- Pak items of note ...... Libya political and security chaos continues unabated - even as Arab and Western nations contemplate new interventions !


IAEA: AP's Claims on Iran 'Self-Inspection' False

Erdogan's War Against PKK Backfiring in Polls

US Says Saudis Using Cluster Bombs in Yemen

Afghan Troops Flee Key District Amid Taliban Advance

US Boosts Support for Saudi-Led War on Yemen

US-Backed Syria Rebels Eye Fight Against Assad

80 Killed in Battle Over Yemeni City of Taiz

Israeli Military: Iran Deal Could Benefit Israel

Pakistani Airstrikes Kill 65 in Tribal Areas

215 Killed as Iraq Govt Meets Resistance to Reforms

Governor: Aden to Be Yemen's New Capital for Next Five Years

340 Rabbis Urge Congress to Support Iran Nuclear Deal

101 Killed in Iraq as Turkish Refugees Flee to Kurdistan

Iraq's Maliki Says Report on Fall of Mosul Has 'No Value'

Iraq's Economy Battered by ISIS War, Low Oil Prices

Divisions and Inertia in Congress May Hand Obama a Victory on Iran Deal

Areas Near Zabadani Come Under Fierce Bombardment

Syrian Government Launches Counter Attack on Strategic Plain: Monitor

PKK Urges US to Mediate in Its War With Turkey and Admits to Secret Talks With Washington

Insurgent Rocket Fire Kills Three in Syrian Coastal City: State Media

Russia, Iran Say Future of Assad a Matter for Syrians

Al-Qaeda and Lawlessness Move Into 'Liberated' Areas of Yemen

Amnesty International: All Sides in Yemen Conflict May Be Guilty of War Crimes

Police Officers Are Killed at Checkpoint in S. Afghanistan

Report: Officers at Afghan Outpost Missed Signs of Trouble

Report: GIZ Suspends Work in Kabul Following Kidnapping


Iraq/ Syria / Turkey.....

The Brotherhood’s Istanbul conference: ’s message to ?

Basra takes preliminary step toward transforming from province into region. But don't hold your breath.

U.N. Security Council backs new peace plan

2 days from the end of Barzani's term, Kurdistan presidency crisis deepens

Will Prime Minister Abadi's major reform measures for work?

Musings On Iraq Mixed Bag In Iraq’s Anbar Op As Islamic State Counterattacks In Baiji

Iraq considers possible trial of former prime minister for letting Mosul fall to ISIS


Islamic State takes hold in Libya; Arab League weighs airstrikes in emergency meeting

‘Almost impossible to establish any type of stability in Libya’ -

Dead bodies of desperate migrants are washing up on Libyan beaches

Progress but little punch in Libya talks via


calls for unconditional implementation of resolution to end conflict —