Monday, August 31, 2015

Europe this Morning Report ( August 31, 2015 ) ....... Ukraine Protests in Kiev today - Decentralization bill to devolve greater powers to Regions seems to be spark. We may be getting closer to seeing Maidan revisited in Ukraine ....... Refugee situation updates - Not just Greece and Austria in focus today..... General wrap-up of what's hot for Europe today ( Greece Snap Election , Markets , IMF bows down on debt sustainability regarding Greece , Odds & ends )

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Even though this crisis brought up the worst from some, it also showed they are a minority among the good in Europe!

Support from EZ countries amounted to ~110% of Greece GDP, 3-4 times as much as provided to Ireland 27%, Portugal 32%

cyclically adjusted primary fiscal balance swung from -13.2% of GDP in 2009 to +5.3% in 2014 vs Portugal 9.5%

: Around 20.000 people gathered at parliament in to support . Photo via

SYRIZA’s new privatization plan creates confusion in the market

Lagarde and Merkel rule out any Greek debt write-off

Slovaks, Czechs eye common central Europe stance on migrants, reject quotas via

Public sector union plans protest rally in Thessaloniki on Saturday

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Neo-Nazis throw a grenade outside Ukraine's parliament. Dozens injured. Some feared dead.

Loud explosion heard outside parliament in Kiev

First reading passed. 265 for decentralisation. Serious violence has erupted outside the Rada.

Ukrainian parliament backs bill to devolve greater powers to regions

BREAKING: Kiev protesters clash with police amid approval

UA nation vote:smoke outside the Verkhovna Rada&protesters trying to break through the police border

UKRAINE: Smoke bombs and riot police amidst protests outside the Parliament building in Kyiv. -

could trigger apocalypse in Europe


Refugee crisis updates......

Refugees found suffocated in lorry in Austria included Syrian family of six

Migrants storm onto Budapest trains headed for Austria, Germany: AFP

The building blocks of Fortress Europe: How EU policy is failing record numbers of migrants:

Syrians "have become nothing but numbers" – Beautifully written as usual by : Syria, Etc. for

Can someone explain why is doing this when they don't want the to stay?

emergency meeting about the on 14 Sept. Guys, "emergency" means "now". Actually, it means "yesterday".

What results?

It be nice if EU ministers admitted during their upcoming discussion on that it was their foreign policy that help cause it

"Hungary has received almost 150,000 migrants so far this year" -- but how many are still in Hungary?

- : 175Km long fully wall will halt influx of or !

Meanwhile over the weekend, 's coast guard rescued nearly 2,500 during 70 rescue missions over the weekend.

A boat carrying migrants sank off ’s Mediterranean coast, dozens killed

International response desperately needed. I don't think people appreciate the sheer scale of the refugee crisis.

Economic data , Markets , Currency issues , Politics generally , Greece Snap Election items .....


€zone seems to win IMF kulturkampf on debt sustainability.debt servicing costs, not debt level, the yardstick

Greek election may reopen can of worms. Markets unconcerned (yet) as flat 2y yields highlight.

French EconMin Macron says must break its Euro region taboos. Says Euro area needs its own budget.

. As a funding currency Euro gains in times of risk aversion. Peaked last week >$1.17 when Dow down >1000.

Meimarakis predicts ND will win snap vote

Tsipras calls for 'strong mandate'

Greece to lift short-selling ban, source says

poll of polls (Aug30):
Syriza 24,5 ND 22,4 GD 6,1 Potami 5,6 KKE 5 LAE 4,3 PASOK 4,1 EK 3,9 ANEL 2,4 und 14,6

poll of polls 2 of 2: seats.  

(note: too early for opinion polls to be anything but a benchmark)

Good morning from Berlin. Looks like we could be in for another volatile week judging by start in Asia. China dn >2%.

Czech President Zeman to Resume Push for Czech Entry After Leaves. (BBG)