Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MENA Report ( June 15 -16 , 2015 ) Catching Up With MENA News Of The day - Iraq- Syria Regional War In Focus ; Conflicts Involivng Libya And Yemen In Review ; Iran Nuclear Deal Items Of Note ! )


Iran, World Powers Clinch Historic Nuclear Deal

Republicans Fume but Little Hope of Killing Deal

Iranians Dance in Streets, Thank Rouhani for Deal

Shia Militiamen to Battle to Take Back Fallujah

Pentagon #2: ISIS No Threat to US Homeland

Saudi-Backed Forces Capture Aden's International Airport

180 Killed in Iraq Military Operations, Attacks

Arab World Split Over Iran Nuclear Deal



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UN report says some 15,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq in the last 16 months; 2.8 million fled homes:

: US Apaches reportedly launch strikes on the town of Fadiliyah near Ba'shiqah, 17 km north-east of . Raids lasted over 1 hour.


Could the Iran Deal Lead to a Syria Deal? | Foreign Policy


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Against all odds, the U.N. got most of Libya’s factions to sign a peace deal — but the GNC is balking. What’s next?

Claim To Killed Commanding Officer Salem Al-Naili () In

General Leader of the -n National Army met last night with military commanders of & fronts


Humanitarian Country Team calls "on all abide by international humanitarian law” via

- Access constraints & people targeted for humanitarian aid 7July15 via

Saudi-backed forces take Aden port from Houthis-residents | |

Yemen troops capture Aden airport and parts of city