Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MENA Report ( July 21 -22 , 2015 ) - Self Evident That Iraq- Syria War Is Becoming A Wider , More Protracted Regional War.......


ISIS: Iraqi City of Haditha Will Be Next Target

Lobbying on Iran Deal Changing Few Minds

UN Security Council, EU Both Endorse Iran Deal

31 Killed in Turkey Blast Near Syria Border

Pro-Saudi Forces in Yemen Claim New Gains in Central Aden

Bombings Continue in Baghdad; 81 Killed Across Iraq

Many Civilians Among 26 Killed in Airstrikes Against Syrian ISIS Town

67 Killed as Hezbollah, al-Qaeda Clash on Syria-Lebanon Border

204 Killed Across Iraq; Large Stadium Demolished

Suruc Massacre: 'Turkish Student' Was Suicide Bomber

Iran Also in for a Contentious Debate on the Nuclear Accord

Iran Rejects Sanctions Extension Beyond 10 Years

Kidnaps and Arrests Following Deadly Bombing in Iraq

ISIS Strategies Include Lines of Succession and Deadly Ringtones

Iraq's Kurdish 'Sappers' Face ISIS Explosives Head-On

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 Iraq - Syria Regional War....

Iraq: 19 killed in the bombing of two cars and Abadi discussed with Biden delivery of F-16 aircraft

Iraq's future is being fought for in Anbar,

Saddam’s Former Loyalists Are Leading ISIS — as True Believers via

Kurds push back against charges of ethnic cleansing  via

Update 117: Double blast on either side of Turkish border at Kobane leaves 31 dead:

Pentagon says al-Qaeda leader Muhsin Al-Fadhli killed in US strike in Syria

In grey and black the territory controlled by in ...

ISIL link suspected, as new video emerges of Suruc blast

Turkey is against every kind of terror including ISIS and PKK: Presidential Spokesman Kalın

Bombing shows a vulnerable target for Islamic State

Hezbollah, Syrian army capture barren border region near Zabadani

Dozens dead in clashes on Syria-Lebanon border: monitor

Frictions in Libya come to a boiling point as violent clashes kill over 30 people