Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MENA Report ( July 1- 2 , 2015 ) -- ISIS ( ISIS inroads in Gaza , Egypt and Afghanistan , a compliment to its already hefty presence in Iraq , Syria , Yemen and Libya - is anyone focusing upon the trend ? ) ...... Iraq - Syria Regional War Updates ( Partition as a resolution quietly being talked up as neither conflict seems capable of any other realistic resolution ) ..... Yemen Regional Proxy War - Another Endless War ( This war hits the 100 day - no end in sight ) ..... Iran Nuclear Talks ( Meanders on , off-stage for now as the world is otherwise occupied , June 30 , 2015 deadline now a July 7 , 2015 deadline - as if that really matters ? )


Iraqi Kurds See Secession as Top Priority

US Forbids Allies From Arming Syrian Kurds

As Egypt Lashes Out at ISIS, Gaza Could Be Target

ISIS Attacks Egyptian Army in Sinai, 200 Dead

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July 7

1,200 Escape Yemen Prison in al-Qaeda Attack

US Moves Its Syrian Air Campaign to the West

ISIS Vows to Oust Hamas, Impose Sharia Law

Afghanistan Fighters 'Linked to ISIS in Syria'

Kurds and Shi'ites Unite to Fight; 98 Killed Across Iraq

Israel Says Syria's Assad May Be Left With Rump State

In Turf War With Afghan Taliban, ISIS Gaining Ground

Suicide Truck Bomb Kills Two, Wounds 40 in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Battling Militants From 10 Countries: Ashraf Ghani



Thinni briefs Maltese Prime Minister on Libyan situation -

Very disappointed by reports that are suspending participation in UN talks indefinitely. Not what the people of want or need.


Houthi rebel rockets reportedly kill 16 civilians, wound 25, in southern Yemen city of Aden.

UN declares highest-level aid emergency in Yemen

Airstrikes now & multiple explosions but wouldn't leave queue after 7hrs till got gas. Wohoo! Sana'a

Iraq & Syria....

Inches towards a 3-way split but we MUST NEVER let that happen

Iraq's presidencies meeting now to discuss the reconciliation

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Islamic State beheads civilian women in for the first time, monitor says:

has been busy developing alternative plans for

Iran Nuclear Talks.....

Iranian and US officials express mutual reassurances concerning nuclear deal -