Thursday, June 18, 2015

MENA Report - June 18-19 , 2015 ( Usual Collection Of News And Views - Iraq / Syria Regional Conflict , Yemen Regional Proxy War , Iran Nuclear Talks , ISIS Global War , Libya Quagmire )


Pentagon Chiefs Paint Bleak Picture of ISIS War

CIA Didn't Know Strike Would Hit al-Qaeda Leader

Chaos in Libya Paves Way for ISIS Expansion

Watchdog: All Syrian Chemical Arms, Byproducts Destroyed

33 Killed as Syrian Govt, Rebels Trade Shelling in Damascus

Saudis Attack Civilian Convoy in Yemen, 31 Killed

ISIS Car Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens in Yemeni Capital

As Civilian Casualties Mount in Yemen, Peace Talks Struggle to Begin

Downed Fighter Jet Reported as 195 Are Killed Across Iraq

Carter: Iraqi Training Goal to Fall Short by 17,000 Recruits

New Turkish Government Could Mean Policy Shift on Syria

Syria Conflict: Rebels Launch Quneitra Offensive

US Weighs Near-Term Assad Military Retrenchment in Syria

Houthis Blow Up Delegate's Home, Casting Shadow Over Geneva Talks

Yemen's al-Qaeda Kills Two Saudis Accused of Spying for America: Residents

Yemen Crisis 'Beyond Aid System's Ability to Cope': MSF

Swiss Probe Espionage Claims After Iran Talks Hotels Hacked by Israel-Linked Virus

US May Name 'Czar' for Iran Nuclear Deal



Fact : Saudi Arabia, who wages war in Yemen to help Yemenis, keeps closed all KSA border posts to Yemeni refugees.

FYI: Airstrikes now in Sana'a ..this morning too..on 1st day of vanguard of Islam/Muslims

Leithi suicide bomber killed before blowing himself up -


Profit and privitization are causing Europe to develop its own migrant-industrial complex.

Speaking of conflicts in the Middle East, look at this map of Syria...It could take another ten years to end the war


Protests in Maysan province southern Iraq 3 hours ago

After Years of War, Admits Likely to Break Apart

's oil exports has hit a record-high of 3.20 million barrels per day (bpd) in June, according to .


nuke talks impeded by disagreement on all main elements