Sunday, June 7, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( June 7 , 2015 ) - Broader Europe Updates ( Spain -- First Poll Since Regional Elections - Ciudadanos Support Drops , PP Gains In Madrid - Whose Town Hall Is Literally On Fire , PSOE and Podemos To Join Forces Against Right - But Can This Continue For National Elections ? ) ....... ( Italy Updates - Corruption and Graft , Refugees and Economic Stagnation Concerns Highlighted ) ...... ( Germany Updates - C-CEO's ad Deutsche Banks planning to resign ? World Cup Controversy Reaches Germany , G-7 commences in Germany ) ..... ( Greece Updates - Juncker Rebuts Tsipras Account and Calls From New Proposals From Greece , Additional Internal and External Political Commentary On State of Play With Creditor Talks - Note Growing Frictions )


Broader Europe

LATEST: First Metroscopia Poll Following Elections Suggests Drop In Support For Ciudadanos

The PP won 10 seats in Brunete Town Hall (Madrid) during the local elections on May 24, up from 6 in 2011.

Brunete Town Hall on fire (Madrid).

United they can? Spain's and the Socialists are joining forces against the right.

Government accuses Spain's Socialists of drifting towards “radical left” as they seek municipal and regional deals

Undersecretary Castiglione probed in offshoot of Rome mafia case: Among six suspected of big-rigging for migra...

Mattarella condemns graft in Expo visit: President says World Fair 'splendid', hails Milan Charter

Anti-mob unit nabs 44 in Rome mafia case: Italian church blasts plundering of migrant funds

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Why does not grow? Read on Italy's economic stagnation

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Germany sold arms to Saudi Arabia to secure its vote for 2006 World Cup – report

Obama aims to mend relations with Germany on latest trip

German police remove anti- protesters attempting to block major road


Man or rather men overboard at Deutsche Bank

Greece .....

Labor Min Skourletis: "some bank branch directors call deposit holders to bring their money abroad... to "

EU-: "we will give a deadline to " - But, of course: 's parliament closes 14. June and MPs has to vote on new deal.

Tsipras to Meet Merkel, Hollande Again in Brussels


Juncker on : I never received Tsipras alternative offer - that's why we didn't speak on phone yesterday. /via


. at presser "Would like to receive an alternative reform offer from before we speak again."

"On pensions ... I gave very clear info which [Tsipras] didn't tell the Greek Parliament.": JunckerEU /via

Juncker on Tsipras: Disappointed. It was not a give or take offer. They were not my xclusive proposls. He knows perfctly well ~

countries to show a united front over and that front is 'sealed' ~official to dpa

EU's Juncker hints he may not be able to prevent Grexit

One country's Finance Minister called for a Greek exit from Eurozone at the Eurogroup meeting in Riga

MP &VP Parliament Mitropoulos: If we had the money, we should have avoided the situation of not paying the IMF !!! via

MP & VP Parliament Mitropoulos: "the current conditions are conditions of national deadlock." via

MP &VP Parliament Mitropoulos says Juncker - who is only ostensibly diplomatic - took up 'dirty job' of communicating hard package.

MP & VP Parliament Mitropoulos: "Juncker's manifesto of social Darwinism leads to social Holocaust &national cleansing."

Zoe Konstantopoulou: I do not forget.

MinDef Kammenos: hopeful there will be agreement soon, ruling out new elections. via

Tsipras is stuck between a redline and a hard place:

Greece told to strike a deal or face 'dramatic consequences'

Varoufakis: Greece needs debt restructuring, cutting pensions is not a reform

Whole German establishment closing ranks v Greece, including SPD's Gabriel, EP Prez Schulz. "Greeks getting on my nerves," says Schulz

Greek finance minister : "Greater austerity is being demanded from an economy that is on its knees"