Saturday, June 20, 2015

Economic News and Views - ( Saturday June 20 , 2015 ) - Greece Updates ( A wild and woolly week - but what else is new . Some great pieces to read from Mehran , Nick , Loukia & Natalie -- ICYMI ..... State of Play with Banks and Economy / Creditor Talks on Monday's - key meetings looming ahead ) .... News and views from broader Europe - amazingly , news happens elsewhere in Europe ! ( Spain , Italy , Russia and Ukraine in focus )



Some thoughts on the Greek situation prior to Monday's summit. "Greece, The Euro and Gunboat Diplomacy,"

gov't considers limiting early retirement frm '16 in 3yrs & not in 9 (init'l proposal) w/ annl savings of €200m (via )

gov't considers changing the proposed levy of 12% on firms w/ profits >€1 mln to 1-7% 4 those w/ profits >€ 500k (via )

Large anti-austerity protests in many European cities today in solidarity to . hashtag trending worldwide.

Monday is going to be the big day , it would appear.

Bank of Greece governor due to face MPs on Monday << I expect fireworks

Varoufakis slams European institutions for forcing finance ministers to "rubber stamp" plans without seeing details



Another reason why should be solved: this won't last, otherwise.

When You’ve Got Nothing (or Everything) to Lose

Read our last with for the -Greeks take their money and run as potential EU exit looms

CBC: Greek Bank Subsidiaries in Cyprus Shielded from Greek Economy

. There was an liquidity buffer of €3 bln available from last week.


finmin in last claimed he's uninformed acc to finmin. Hugely important if true, these guys decide country fates


Tsipras needs to sign a deal, but which one? examines Greek PM's dilemma

Mohamed El Erian is not confident of a deal for Greece for three reasons

Greek Banks' ELA collateral buffer remaining: Alpha - €5bn Eurobank - €6bn Piraeus - €11bn NBG - €11bn Source: Goldman Sachs estimates


Greek bank deposit outflow last week around €6 bln, bringing total deposit outflow since December to €44 bln - JP Morgan

state minister says can't be deal without any kind of debt relief. (RTRS)

Fear of default being overtaken by more dangerous ticking time bomb: solvency of banks

  • Fear of default being overtaken by more dangerous ticking time bomb: solvency of banks

  • GS: No agreement will be reached between and its creditors in the coming few days. Default may be needed to break the pol impasse.

    Timetable for Monday, which now seems to be crunch day: Eurogroup called meeting for 3pm ahead of emergency EU leaders summit to be held 7pm

    wll try to bring more to the table in debt talks: StateMin; Tsipras to speak w Juncker to try to end deadlock


    Emergency lending to Greek banks: it's the haircuts that matter now. (Barclays, and note the assumption)

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    Broader Europe.....

    The Spanish fruit and vegetable growers feeling the brunt of Russia’s food imports ban

    Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy again postpones making major Cabinet changes - only one switch made despite reshuffle rumors

    Renzi govt still plans teacher hires, PD says: Premier warns investments at risk if bill gets bogged down

    Marino says no threat to Rome salaries: Ministry says component of pay is illegitimate

    85 council staff probed for absenteeism: At town near Caserta

    Ukraine pays interest on $3bn Russian loan