Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MENA Report May 14 , 2015 ( Iraq / Syria Regional Conflict Updates ( note the war within the war occurring in Iraq between Shi'a and Sunnis ) ...... Yemen ceasefire mostly holds today ....... Iran nuclear talks items..... Global ISIS and Al Qaeda items ..... Hezbollah leader having health issues ( minor heart attack or stroke alleged ) ..... Libya updates ..... .


Pakistan Admits Defector's Role in bin Laden Op

90 Killed in Saudi Airstrike on Yemeni Capital

Training for Iraq's Sunni Tribesmen to Fight ISIS Off to Slow Start

ISIS Affiliate Kills 43 Followers of the Aga Khan in Pakistan

5 Million Syrians at Risk From Explosive Weapons: NGO

Nuclear Talks With Iran Resume in Vienna

Rebuffing Iran, IAEA Head Says Deal Allows Access to Military Sites

Obama to Meet With Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy in Oval Office on Wednesday

Report: Hezbollah Leader Being Treated for Heart Attack

ICC Prosecutor Wants Probe of ISIS in Libya


Story of IS #2 Afri being killed today apparently originated from Gov Nujafi US also denied bombed any mosque where he allegedly died in

| Burning and looting in the Sunni district of Adamiyah according to witnesses.

Video of the 'Sunni Endowment' building in set on fire -

What is going on in Baghdad could be the Shia militias directly undermining Abadi. 50+ homes ignited by militias.

Hezbollah, Syrian army make major advances in Qalamoun

Gulf leaders gather in U.S. to push Obama on Iran

Yemen truce mostly holds but violations persist

The G14 (Foreign Ambassadors to ) met in & issued stmnt welcoming the 5 day pause