Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MENA Report - May 12 , 2015 - Update on Iraq / Syria Regional War ..... Yemen Regional Proxy War heads to 5 Day Humanitarian Ceasefire ...... Truth behind US- Pakistan Bin Laden Raid ..... Global ISIS and Al Qaeda Updates ...... Iran Talks Updates ...... Libya Update ( and related Refugee / Migrant issue ) .... Kuwait seeks Arbitration vs Saudis over oil row .......


US Officials: Assad's Loss Could Be ISIS's Gain

Iraqi Sunni Leaders Say Govt Alienating Them

GCC Leaders Join Saudis in Snubbing US Summit

The Truth Behind the Bin Laden Raid

Arab Coalition Discusses New Intervention in Libya

Kerry to Meet Putin to Discuss Syria Peace Efforts

Syria's Mercenaries: The Afghans Fighting Assad's War

Defeating ISIS Leaves Big Bill Iraq's Struggling to Pay

Saudi Warplanes Escalate Strikes on Yemeni Capital Ahead of Truce

Sunni Leaders Complain of Lack of Power as 55 Are Killed Across Iraq

Iraq Begins Training of Sunni Tribal Fighters to Stem Advance of ISIS

North Lebanon Military Patrol Comes Under Fire From Syria; No Casualties

EU Seeks UN Approval for Gunship Plan and 'Use of Force' to Deter Boats From Libya

Libyan Military Shells Turkish Cargo Ship, Crew Member Killed


Senior Iraqi Kurdish commander killed in bombing

Kuwait seeks arbitration in oil row with Saudi: report

Australia pledges $7.9M to Lebanon over Syria crisis

Many would-be migrants to EU die unrecorded, study finds

4 Yemen Al-Qaeda leaders killed in suspected US drone strike

Turkey says training, arming of Syrian rebels delayed

5 million Syrians at risk from explosive weapons: NGO

Experts work on Iran nuke deal ahead of June deadline

Saudi-led air strikes hit Yemen capital hours before ceasefire

Spain arrests two suspected of distributing ISIS propaganda

Hezbollah takes key hilltop in Syria

Lebanon demands halt to Israeli violations