Sunday, May 17, 2015

Greece recap ( May 17 , 2015 ) - Review of recent events on Creditor Talks status , financial status and payment calendar for June ( IMF ) , internal and external politics .



Tsipras didn't know about Greece's SDR account at IMF. Wrote to Juncker, Lagarde & Draghi saying they would default

| 's excellent reporting over ExecBoard meeting Thursday

House Speaker Konstantopoulou claims she is in full support of PM Tsipras; says no rifts within .

next payments to the : 1) Jun 5 - €300 mln 2) Jun 12 - €338 mln 3) Jun 16 - €563 mln 4) Jun 19 - €338 mln Total: €1.54 bln

Get out of &we offer locked -drachma parity & debt, is what Sun Proto Thema revealed Schäuble told Varoufakis on Mon

FinMin denies (again) Sunday's press reports re content of his meeting with Schäuble last Mon.

So let me get this straight: he denies the whole offer, or just the *locked* part?

I’ll have more on the leaked IMF memo showing “no possibility” of Greece meeting debt obligations this summer, on at 1840 bst

Regardless of what YV said this is true: moment Draghi thinks Greece will default on his bonds he will force cap controls.

was close to not paying the . And then, the Greek rep to IMF came up w the brilliant idea /by

's biggest supplementary pensions fund ETEAM short of cash for end May pensions payments. Considers selling bonds at 25% discount.