Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MENA Report ( April 21 , 2015 ) Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ..... Yemen Proxy War Updates ... Libya in focus


US Warships Head to Yemen to Join Blockade

State Dept: US Might Talk With Iran About Syria

IAEA: Iran Still Respecting Interim Nuclear Deal

46 Civilians Killed as Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemen Capital

Iran Warned Houthis Against Yemen Takeover

Syria Confirms Contact With France on Cooperation Against ISIS

Former Saddam Spy Masterminded the Rise of ISIS, Says Report

Iran Foreign Minister Calls for Dialogue With West Over Yemen

Combat in Yemen Risks Stirring Sectarian Hatred

161 Killed Across Iraq as Bombs Continue in Baghdad

BP Says Taking More Oil From Iraq as Payment

Syrian Fighters to Begin Training in Turkey Despite Divide Over Mission

Syrian Troops Cut Supply Line to Rebels in Southern Syria

Syria Slaughter Continues as ISIS Executioner Beheads 'Assad Agents'

Bomb Explodes at Spanish Embassy in Libyan Capital


Bomb explodes outside Spanish embassy in Libya: security source

Jumblatt rules out tension with Hezbollah over Yemen

Gulf countries reject UN call for urgent Yemen ceasefire

Airstrikes on missile base in Sanaa kill at least 28

French weapons receive red carpet treatment at airport

Fattouh: ISIS’ finances top priority for U.S.

China, Pakistan launch economic corridor plan worth $46B

Full circle: chlorine, the weapon of choice