Sunday, April 26, 2015

Examining deaths in police custody ( 1999- 2015 ) , History of deaths by police since 2000 ( 5600 nationwide ) ...... With the backdrop of rising anger , connecting some dots between growing outrage over unarmed civilian deaths and strange events at the White House - is there an attempt to set off a " color revolution " in the US ?


. Commissioner Batts says that the National Guard is "on the ground":

VIDEO: Baltimore continues to burn tonight. WATCH LIVE: ()

RIGHT NOW: National Guard vehicles arrive in Baltimore. WATCH LIVE: ()

Cable News Networks Descend on as Protests Turn Violent

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Gov. Hogan declares state of emergency in Maryland as protests grow violent.

Unarmed People of Color Killed by Police, 1999-2014 76 men/women killed in police custody since 1999.

Protests in Baltimore escalate over death of Freddie Gray after arrest

Camden Yards briefly closed off as Freddie Gray protests intensify in Baltimore

Interactive map: US police have killed at least 5,600 people since 2000

This chart explains why black people fear being killed by the police:

Charles Sheppard, 12: "You know how a volcano erupts? That's how I feel inside about this."

Strange items of recent vintage.....

Russian hackers read President Obama’s unclassified emails


White House officials said that no classified networks had been compromised, and that the hackers had collected no classified information. Many senior officials have two computers in their offices, one operating on a highly secure classified network and another connected to the outside world for unclassified communications.
But officials have conceded that the unclassified system routinely contains much information that is considered highly sensitive: schedules, email exchanges with ambassadors and diplomats, discussions of pending personnel moves and legislation, and, inevitably, some debate about policy.

FBI sniper rifle stolen from hotel parking lot days before Obama's visit to Utah via


Police said the thief used a rope and a vehicle to rip the rifle out of the agent’s car, which was parked at an airport-area hotel, where it was secured in a hard rifle case and tethered to a “truck vault.”
“The rifle had been secured properly,” said Salt Lake City Police Det. Dennis McGowan. “A couple of padlocks, chains, it was attached to a truck safe. There are all kinds of ways the weapon was secure. Yet someone was able to forcefully take the weapon.”

“Next to the rope were 2 skid marks consistent with a vehicle tires,” the report reads. “Next to the vehicle layed the handle to the rifle case which had been broken off. We determined that the suspect(s) probably broke the rear window and tied a rope around either the handle of the rifle case or the cable lock and used a vehicle to break the rifle cases handle to free it from the cable lock. It appears the case may have been too large to fit through the window itself which is how the frame was pulled from the door.”

Multiple security breaches . should concern everyone w/wholesale changes +other agencies

Shadow State using security breaches to warn Obama to comply. compromises, poor morale. via

Secret Service Dir. Joe Clancy is answering questions from Congress about recent scandals, security breaches. WATCH:

There's something very strange about all the security breaches & the immediate need 2 'overhaul" the Secret Service.