Sunday, April 19, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( April 19 , 2015 ) Greece heads into another eventful week ( Extraordinary EWG Meeting on April 22 , 2015 , April 24th Summit in Riga , this follows the eventful week in Washington , D.C ) ..... Edward Hugh examines once again , in detail , ECB Taper Talk ( coming sooner than advertised perhaps ) ..... Spain in focus ( Valencia Region Election on deck May 24th ) .... China makes deep 1 percent cut to Banks Reserve Requirement ( Just as Housing there seems to be coming unhinged ) ..... Finland in focus ( another grand irony from the former austerity poster child , Election today as well ) ..... Half of all Global Government Bonds yield less than 1 percent ( Charlie Sheen opines " Winning , Duh ? " ) ......


Long Term Unemployed: 461,000 (Feb 2015) from 431,523 (Feb 2014). Up 6.83%

700 feared dead in Med migrant ship 'massacre'

Eurozone HICP inflation rate ex energy grew just 0.6% Y/Y in March, down from 0.8% in March 2014

Fears grow of Greek euro exit after said fin buffers were sufficient to prevent contagion

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Extraordinary Euro Working Group on on Apr 22 (via )

Just when will the talk start? Maybe sooner than you think if no .

Latest Metroscopia poll for Spain's Valencia region. Previously PP stronghold. Elections:May 24.

steps up stimulus! Bloomberg breaking news: China Cuts Banks' Reserve Ratio Requirement by 1 Percentage Point

makes deepest cut in bank reserve requirement since 2008 to fight slowdown.

Voting well underway in 's parliamentary elections. Polls close at 8pm.

Finland’s 2015 parliamentary elections: a final look at the parties and the polling:

The economic headwinds Finland's new government will face: Nervous investors today have one eye of Greece and ...

The end result, the austerity poster child has steadily come to depend - oh irony of ironies - on a fiscal deficit.

As the export sector weakened Finland came to depend on a low interest fueled housing boom. This is now faltering.

Finland Net International Investment balance now near zero.

And the country now runs a current account deficit.

"More Than Half Of All Global Government Bonds Are Yielding 1% Or Less"

Why The Record Drop In Chinese House Prices Suggests Beijing Is Already In A Recession