Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yemen Alert ( March 25 , 2015 ) - Saudis and GCC ( Saudis / UAE / Bahrain/ Qatar / Kuwait - but not Oman ) lead a ten nation Coalition against Houthi Militias in Yemen - airstrikes hit various Houthi positions , Sana'a airport , Capital City Sana'a .......This occurred after President Hadi allegedly fled Aden in a boat and Houthis seized US drone files !


Full White House Statement authorizing Intel support for GCC operation, affirming close consultation w


Houthi controlled alDailami airbase in Sana'a was heavily hit by airstrikes as well as Sawad mil base south of capital

Airstrikes are selectively targeting Sana'a air defense systems now. Prelude to another wave of bombardment of Houthi locations

Explosions back but sporadic and momentarily followed by rapid anti aircraft fire in Sana'a

Bombardment ceased for past ambulance sirens & police cars wailing cutting thru night with power being out in Sana'a

The Yemeni Foreign Minister thanked all the countries participated in the air strikes against the Houthis, just minutes ago


: Yemeni foreign minister Riyadh Yaseen says "ground forces" by the "Coalition to Protect Legitimacy" in is an option.

: defense minister warned Ahmed Ali Saleh against advancing to

Arabia welcomes international participation in operations

-led military coalition declares# Yemen’s airspace as “restricted area.”

: US providing support to Saudi Arabia as it carries out military operation in Yemen –US official

White House calls on militias to stop fomenting instability in Yemen

: offers military, diplomatic support to coalition supporting Yemeni president Hadi

Ambassador : US was Closely Consulted for operation, we are appreciative for support.

: airstrikes on positions still ongoing: Al Arabiya sources

: Ambassador in Washington says a coalition of 10 nations is conducting operations in

RT Just received a call telling me Sanaa airport, and what used to be First Regiment were targeted by air strikes

Huge explosion just rocked capital Sana'a Still not clear where/what but heard/felt across city.

Mass looting reported in Aden, not talking about army depos by Houthis, but stores & gov buildings by residents

Breaking: Al-Arabiya confirm Saudi bombing of Houthis in . GCC except Oman is backing the intervention!

: Gulf statement: “Houthi militia coup a major threat to regional security”

: Gulf statement: Houthi militia conducted military drills near border with heavy weaponry

: Royal Air Force bombs positions in

Houthis seized trove of secret files on U.S. spy operations, shared them with Iran: report

: Advisor to Yemeni president calls for no-fly zone to repel Houthis

AP: President Hadi Left Country on A BOAT according to officials.