Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MENA Report ( March 17 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War and Global War on ISIS in focus ....... Yemen in focus - a look at the state of play there...... Iran nuclear Talks - hope springs eternal....... Israel Election day is today


Additional items of the day  at tweet feed....

US Takes Iran, Hezbollah Off 'Terror Threats' List

Iraq Halts Tikrit Offensive, Leaving ISIS in Control

UN Envoy: ISIS Establishing an Afghan Foothold

US Allies 'Outraged' as Kerry Proposes Talks With Assad

Senators' Iran Letter Becoming an Issue in Nuclear Talks

ISIS Attacks Libya's Oil Facilities

Families Flee Libya's Sirte as Clashes With ISIS Escalate

Germany Urges Its Partners, Iran to Grab Nuclear Deal

Saudis Say Iran Deal Could Start Nuclear Fuel Race

Pakistan Declines to Join Saudi Arabia's Anti-Iran Alliance

258 Killed in Iraq; Cemetery Officials Say Casualty Counts Low

Iran Sent Arms to Iraq to Fight ISIS, US Says

Evening Tweets....


Oiling the wheels for sub $40: WTI breaking to fresh lows in the trend. Acc to Citi a move into the $30's very likely

's security forces vow to reach the centre of within 48 hours

Turkish PM compares talks with Assad to 'shaking hands with Hitler'

Morning Tweets.....

260 MPs signed a statement saying that, in case of a nuclear deal, all sanctions against Iran must be removed

Decisive battle to take place in northeast Lebanon

's Ansar al Sharia conducts attacks against al in

and face off in Israel polls

Pakistan warns Turkey: Don’t make our mistakes

Signs of hope for accord  - at

"There are black flags on all the city’s streets and people live in fear." - Snapshot from Raqqa

“As you enter Aleppo, & walk for almost an hour all you see is destruction,” Najwa, a 49-year-old housewife, tells us

Snapshots from Syrian Cities on the Fourth Anniversary of the Uprising

Syrian Army Backed by Hezbollah Launches Offensive on Jabhat al-Nusra in Southern

CIA head says US fears collapse of President Assad's regime would allow extremist takeover via

11.6M+ people in urgent need of clean water & nearly 10 million people do not have enough to eat: