Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Economic Data , News and Views ( March 24 , 2015 ) - Greece updates ( Latest Reform List to be submitted by next Monday at the latest as positive signals flash regarding a deal to free up some cash for Greece ) ...... Sly Putin angles for sanctions beating deal with Argentina ( warplanes for beef ) ..... Airbus crash in France this morning hits Lufthansa shares .... China has bad economic data lat night ( PMI miss , rail volumes plummet , employment horrible ) .... Europe PMI show improvement ...


Eurogroup chief writes to ESM's Regling regarding return to of €1.2 bln Athens overpaid to EFSF, Greek media reports

On war and peace: Time to choose, Mr Tsipras. My 5 takeaways from the Tsipras-Merkel summit via

offers Argentina warplanes in exchange for beef in bid to beat EU sanctions:

by French interior minister + local mayor: flight crashed into a mountain in 2.000 m altitude,15 km fr.Barcelonnette

BREAKING: 148 feared dead on Germanwings flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf

DETAILS: expected to meet with , Spanish King Felipe VI later

Airbus A320 plane was reportedly flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf | Latest:

French President Francois Hollande says there are likely no survivors. |

Lufthansa shares lose 2% as Airbus plane crashes in France

's default probability rises to 81.4% as Soros says Greece Is Now ‘Lose-Lose Game’

briefly jumps above $1.10 as PMIs beats.

Whats German for KAPOW? Germany's PMIs climb higher, thumping expectations

Plus ça change... France's PMIs disappoint, dashing revival hopes

German Bunds get hammered by Draghi's upbeat assessment of the eurozone. 10yr yield now at 0.22% up from 0.17% on Mon

's yields drop as EU's Schulz sees deal with likely this week.

Why Wants Yuan to Be the World’s 5th Reserve Currency.

25 global central banks eased when consensus thought Fed would hike. Now that Fed hikes are indefinitely postponed it gets really fun

"Price discovery"

China Lands Hard: Rail Volume Plunges, PMI Tumbles Into Contraction, Employment Worst Since Lehman